New blog

I’ve decided to start a blog.

I’ve always liked writing whether it is texting my friends or writing emails.

I don’t however particularly like school writing tasks just because you have to actually write them with your hand and my hand gets tired after writing for 10 minutes or so and we normally have to write for 50 minutes. So after we finish my little hand feels like it wants to do a dive off my arm and run away ( btw my hands and feet are very small ). Also another reason I don’t like it that much is because we have to do a plan most of the time. Normally a plan is a waste of time for me because I have a memory of a goldfish and don’t remember to use it. If I do remember then it only helps a little. I’ve always been against using plans even when I was very young so here on this blog there will be no plans at all. It will just be me and my imagination running wild.

On this blog I will talk about lots of random things that interest me.

So I am going to compile a list of things that interest me and then you might have a little idea of what to expect.

Things that interest me :

  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Eating
  • Swimming
  • Make-up
  • Hair styles
  • Most non violent video games
  • Sleeping
  • Books
  • Nail polish
  • Unicorns
  • Shopping
  • Clothes
  • DIY stuff

This blog is just going to be me being honest about topics that interest me.

I’m not going to attempt to write on here once or twice a week because if I do then I’ll be putting myself under a lot of pressure and also if I have nothing to write about I’ll be forcing myself to write on here which means it won’t be the best it could be.

So I’m going to blog when I feel like it but I do promise to blog at least once a month

If you have somehow stumbled across my blog then hello

If you have got this far then please write in the comments a list of things that interest you and then we can see if we have anything in common.

Thank you for reading my blog ( I’ll sound like a right weirdo now if nobody reads this ) and hopefully I’ll see you soon when I write another blog!!


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