Review:Animal Crossing:Happy Home Designer

Hi guys!

Firstly I hope you all had an amazing Easter and didn’t make yourself sick from eating too much chocolate. Anyway onto the actual review.

Recently I brought the game Animal Crossing:Happy Home Designer for my Nintendo 3ds on Amazon because I thought the advert for it looked quite interesting.

It was released on June 30 2015 so it’s almost a year old and it’s part of the Animal Crossing series.

I have previously brought Animal Crossing:Wild  World which was brought out for Nintendo ds November 23 2005 and Animal Crossing:New Leaf which was brought out in the EU June 14 2013.

I enjoyed both of those games so I made an educated guess that I would like this one.

In this game you are the new employee at Nooks Homes and you have to design a variety of buildings after being given a check list of the things you need in that particular room.

As you get further in the game you get much bigger projects to complete and you will have multiple rooms to decorate.

I don’t normally like games that you have to guess what the customer wants because I get nervous to see whether they like it or not ( Normally they don’t like it )

However, with this game I found that I didn’t get nervous at all and I was able to enjoy it more than other games of its type.

Also note that you can get a NFC reader/writer and amibo cards which can help you get further but they are not compulsory to play the game.

If you shop around you will find that you can get packs which come with the NFC reader , an amibo card and the game and that could be cheaper than buying the game on its own.

It has kept me entertained for hours and I don’t think I’m that far through.

Each thing I’ve had to design has taken me 10-20 minutes depending on how big the project is.

It is practically the same controls as Animal Crossing:New Leaf so people who have played that will find it pretty easy to control.

For people who have never played Animal Crossing:New Leaf they may find it slightly harder to control however you should pick up the controls easily and quickly.

To test this out I got my brother to play the game after having no previous knowledge of how to play. I didn’t tell him anything and he managed to control it straight away with no problems.

Good things:

  1. Easy to control
  2. Doesn’t make you nervous
  3. Addicting and lots of fun for hours on end
  4. Good for long car journeys
  5. Lets your creativity shine through

Bad things:

  1. The town has gone
  2. You can’t design your own house
  3. You can’t do much outside of your job

Other than those few bad things it’s a really fun and interesting.

I rate it 8/10 and would definitely recommend to my friends.

My honest opinion of the game is that it is really fun but it is sad that you can’t customize your own house and that the town is gone. I think that should be able to earn money from the job and be given days off and then on days off you would be able to shop for new furniture to decorate your own house. However, it seems to me like it has endless possibilities and would be a great game for a creative person.

It says on the box for people 3 or older and I agree with that.

Also you can use play coins to get special lessons that unlocks new stuff.

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I know I’m a bit late to be reviewing this game seeing as it is nearly a year old but I don’t really care. I mean I don’t care that my review is late I care about you lots and lots.

Thank you for reading and hopefully I’ll see you soon when I write another blog. Bye!!

p.s those pictures below are photos of the game, NFC reader/writer, box the NFC reader/writer came in and the box they came in when brought together.


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