Review:BonneBombe bath bombs

Hi guys!

About a week ago my dad went to Kent and he found a shop called BonneBombe and because he knew I loved bath bombs and stuff like that he went in and brought me some.

I asked him a few questions about the place seeing as I wasn’t there and therefore didn’t know some of the key details like was the person working there nice and helpful and did you enjoy the experience of buying the bath bombs.

So firstly I can tell you that the room they are in will smell of whatever you have brought so choose a nice scent. I have to say my room smells rather odd as it just got painted and the mixture of paint and bath bombs is rather peculiar.

Also each of the bath bombs I got look amazing especially the big ones. The details on the bath bombs are amazing and just look so pretty.

I got three big ones and a bag full of little ones.

We will start with the little ones.

They came in a bag that looks like an old sweetshop bag  (see photos at the bottom)

Inside are lots of miniature bath bombs that look like little sweets. I actually thought they were sweets so if you are buying it for someone make sure you tell them they are bath bombs and not sweets. I have a feeling eating bath bombs is not the best idea in the world.

They are multi-coloured and each one smells different to the last. I will not try and describe the scents because

  • I would end up repeating a lot of words
  • I suck at describing smells
  • There is no labels so I’m kinda on my own with guessing what they smell like (I know what they smell like but I can’t put that into words)

However all of them in the bag together smells amazing. There are some that I prefer more than others but I will use all of them.

They are also really pretty colours.

Onto the big bath bombs.

I got three big bath bombs and I can tell you the scent of one of them confidently and one not so confidently. The other one doesn’t match any smells in my head.

The one I can tell you confidently is half a really pretty baby pink and the other half a much brighter and more vibrant pink. I think this one will turn your bath pink for some reason.

On the top of the bath bomb is like the icing on a cupcake with red little sprinkles.

On top of all that is a strawberry (not real obviously) that looks a bit like the haribo giant strawberry’s but more life like than that.

All in all I think that bath bomb looks amazing and smells amazing.

Next the second one.

This one is yellow.

Like a minion.

It has nothing to do with minions.

I think.

It is all one shade of yellow apart from the top.

One the top of it there is yellow cupcake icing (in bath bomb form) with little golden balls and golden stars.

It also looks like it has a little yellow sweet on it.

It smells (to me) mangoey (I don’t think that is a word) and lemony.

Again looks amazing and smell amazing.

The last one is the one I can’t describe the smell of but it’s my favourite of them all.

I’m not the keenest on the scent of this one but the decorations on this one makes up for it completely.

This one is mostly a glittery yellow colour. This amount of glitter is a good amount of glitter because it doesn’t get everywhere when you touch it.

Then this one has white glittery cupcake icing on it with what looks like chocolate sprinkles on it.

It doesn’t smell of chocolate though :-(.

Then it has the most adorable bumble bee on the top of it.

A bumble bee is in my top five favourite animals.

I don’t know where it is in the top five but its somewhere.

Maybe three I don’t know.

I think this one is my favourite decoration wise. This one is the only one with an absolutely adorable bumble bee on top of it after all. The glitter also helps.

I think my favourite smelling one is the strawberry one however the mango lemon one is a very close second.

Overall I’m very impressed with the shop but what did my dad think??

I asked him four questions and here are his answers:

Question one:

When you went into BonneBombe was the atmosphere inside nice and friendly?


Yes it was

Question two:

Was the person/people there nice and friendly?


Very helpful and friendly

Question 3:

Did you like the experience of buying the bath bombs?


Yes I did

Question 4:

Any other things you liked/disliked about the shop?


I liked the fact the owner was very willing to help and talk about delivery.


So I am going to predict that the shop is a very nice place to go to.

I am slightly disappointed I couldn’t go :-(.

Oh well.

I will update this with more photos and a more in depth review when I test these out but I can’t yet for a reason I will tell you soon.

Look just below this sentence for the pictures I have taken so far of the bath bombs. Now you know what part of my arm looks like.

Ways to contact BonneBombe:




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Also comment down below which bath bomb you think you would like the most and what other things you think I should review.

That’s all for this blog post. Thank you for reading and I will hopefully see you again. Bye!!


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