Hyperness (no that is not a word)

Have you ever been hyper or experienced someone being hyper?

My answer to both of those is yes.

I get hyper all the time. Sometimes I get hyper off one thing but next time I eat it I am absolutely fine.

For example, for round about a week or two I ate chocolate cereal every morning. Only one out of around 14 mornings I was hyper for.

I get the impression when I am hyper people don’t know what to do around me because they are normally way to polite to ask what the hell is going on or just laugh at me. So they just look at me with a confused look on their face whilst trying not the laugh.

That in its self is very funny.

So I have put together a checklist to help people identify hyper people.


  1. They will probably come out with the most random things ever. I have noticed that myself and my friends all get very random when we are hyper and often get weird looks from strangers listening in to our conversations.
  2. In response to the most random sentences known to mankind expect the hyper person to not be able to control their laughter. This will also cause some weird looks if your friend can’t laugh quietly. People who get embarrassed easily should probably run away if your friend is hyper.
  3. Due to constant laughing the hyper person will forget to do normal body functions. These include walking, talking, standing and breathing. To deal with them forgetting these things just stand and laugh your head off at them as that is what they will be doing. Although if they have stopped breathing you might want to help them.
  4. Another thing hyper people do is get stuck in doors. Should they happen to pass any small door way there is a very high chance that they will get stuck in it. In severe cases of hyperness even big doorways may prove to be a struggle.
  5. If the person you think may be hyper is doing all the above, then check their age. If they look like they are too young to be drunk, then you can safely assume that they are hyper and that they will crash in about an hour or so.

Obviously there are many more symptoms however these are the only ones that consistently appear time and time again. I am a survivor of hyperness and I can tell you right now it is an experience wouldn’t trade for the world.

I would tell you what I do when I am hyper but that is a totally different story (okay maybe not totally different).

I have very much enjoyed writing this post as it has brought back memories of the weirdest times in my life.

In the comments below please write about your hyper experiences. I would love to see them so I can have a little laughter in my life.

WARNING: Do not eat large amounts of sugar in order to get hyper as scientists have proved (I think) that eating sugar has nothing to do with being hyper. You may not get hyper off eating lots of sugar but you will definitely get a stomach ache. You can get hyper off lots off random things. For example, my friend got hyper off homemade orange juice.

Anyway thank you for reading and I will hopefully see you later. Bye!!


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