I am really excited!!

I finally have got Wi-Fi in my new house. Okay, I got it on the May 10th but because I am not the quickest writer in the world it is going up whatever day today is.

Woo hoo!

So you can now expect loads more posts (maybe).

Or they will be more consistent because I can upload posts in more places.

At the moment, I am watching a self-tan video even though I am really not interested in self-tan (even if my skin is the same colour as a piece of white paper).

So here is a little fact about me. I am completely obsessed with YouTube and the people on there. How I lived an entire two minutes without internet and YouTube access I will never know. Okay, I lived two weeks without Wi-Fi but it was a hard two weeks (honestly!!).

I have discovered a lot of You Tubers that you may know and love or you may have never heard of them before. However, you should definitely check out all these YouTube channels because (in my opinion) they are really good. I can’t say that they don’t all contain some cheeky language so you may want to be careful.

Anyway enough rambling onto the actual bit that you would want to read:

Top 5 YouTube channels

  1. Simplynailogical This channel is funny and just generally cheers me up when I am feeling down. It isn’t your general nail art channel yet it does have some really pretty nail art designs and the tutorials are really interesting as well. Basically, it is a really interesting and amusing nail art channel with a twist.
  2. Threadbanger If you don’t like swearing and that sort of stuff then this probably isn’t the channel for you. If you don’t mind that then you may really like this channel. Its main series on the channel is called man vs pin and it is where they test out lots of different DIYs on Pinterest that are suggested by commenters to see if they will actually work. There are a couple of other series on the channel including hack job and Corinne vs pin. The content produced is really funny and just generally amuses me. However, some of the videos are not for people who are scared of blood and that sort of stuff.
  3. Zoella So if you watch YouTube you have probably heard about Zoella. She has an incredibly successful career with a very popular YouTube channel, two books (which are amazing) and her own beauty range which I just happen to be obsessed with (comment down below if you want a post dedicated to that). She does a wide range of videos and inspires people worldwide. She also managed to inspire me to do various different things (talk about that one some other time). If you haven’t already subscribed to her, you should definitely do so as she is amazing.
  4. Rclbeauty101 Rclbeauty101 aka Rachel Levin is a huge YouTube star. With nearly 8 million subscribers she is doing very well. I started watching her when she had round about 3 million subscribers and I love each and every video she makes. The type of videos varies from makeup related videos to (blank) types of people. They are all very entertaining and are sure to put a smile on your face. She also does lots of collabs so if you haven’t heard of her you may have come across one of her friend’s channels. Me and one of my friends spend quite a bit of time discussing her videos and they prove to be an interesting conversation topic.
  5. Erin Johnson I found this person a little while ago when I went through a phase watching people dying their hair (by the way watching people fail at doing hair dye is hilarious). She made me smile… lots. Whenever I watch one of her videos the first thing I notice is how positive she is. Always smiling and just generally happy. This has a big influence on yourself and you just feel much more positive afterwards. Her videos picked me up when I was feeling down and have provided general entertainment for me.

So yeah that is all for this post. Obviously, I love much more YouTubers than the ones listed because I spend so much time on youtube that it is kind of impossible not to.

Although not having the internet has affected me more than I thought it would because I am not as obsessed as I was before and I have been finding entertainment outside of the internet. I have been borrowing books from the library and finishing them the same day. I must have read 5-6 books in the last week. If you want a top 5 books comment below!

I really want to thank you for having the time and patience to read this post. If you haven’t run out of patience for me yet, please head on over to my twitter where there are new tweets on there when I remember to tweet  .

So that is all for this post and I will hopefully see you later! Bye!!


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