Pretty big shopping haul

I have been shopping.
I have a little bit of a problem when it comes to shopping and my massive shopping trip a few days ago proved that.
I brought loads of random things I would never have needed normally.
Which is why I should never go shopping with a lot of money.
So I thought to myself hey why don’t I tell people about all the things I brought? So that is what I am going to do.
Also, I just want to say I just had the nicest meal ever. It was pancakes with blueberries, apples and bananas topped with golden syrup and it tasted amazing.
Just thought you should know.
I also want to apologise that there was no post on Saturday or Sunday. I had a very busy weekend okay.
Right, I am now rambling.
Oh god.
So without further ado here is my shopping haul!!!!!!

So the first shop I went into was a place called tiger. I absolutely love it in there as it is so random and everything is changed every time you go in there. Unless you go on consecutive days. Then it wouldn’t be that different. The theme at the moment is ice cream and stuff like that. They have a wide range of stationary there and I because I find hard to stop myself when it comes to stationary so I only let myself buy a little bit. I did buy more in the shop than mentioned but because of super secret things I can’t tell you about the other items. The only bit of stationary I can tell you about is an A4 folder thingy.IMG_1889.JPG I get lots of pieces of A4 paper that I don’t want to fold over so that kind of thing is really useful for that. It also has ice creams and ice lollies all over it which makes it completely adorable and pretty to looks at. I have found it to be very practical and useful which is always a good sign. It is very lightweight so you don’t feel like you are carrying the entire world when you are holding just a few pieces of paper. Another thing I got from Tiger was this adorable mint green milk bottle.IMG_1891.JPG I kinda have an obsession with the Tiger milk bottles because they are soooo cute. I got a set of four for my birthday and they came in a little milk crate but the one I got recently is just one on its own. I love pastel colours and out of the three pastel colours that were there I chose mint green. They are so cute and they persuade me to drink more so they have some benefits other than looking amazing. The only other thing I can tell you about is is a super cute bandana.IMG_1892.JPG I remember quite a few years ago I had to do a pirate play in primary school. I was wearing a bandana in that and I really liked that look. When I found this in the store it took me back to that moment and I know I had to buy it there and then. In my head, I can think of dozens of ways to put this on my head so it will not be wasted. It also has a really pretty design on it and in other words, I like it so so so so much. I just ate an ice lollie and now I am hyper. The writing from here on will be charged with sugar. Whoopeeeeeeeeee!! I may show you the hairstyles I come up with if I decide that I do want my face on this blog. I still don’t know whether that would be a good idea or not. What do you think (comment down below)!!!!!

I then went into Primark and spent wayyyyy too much time and money in there. I didn’t really look at the clothes which is what the normal people would look at. Instead, I went straight to the random section and found as much random stuff as I could. I even got a tiny shopping basket to put my stuff in and let me tell you it was adorable. You can kinda tell I am hyper if I am calling a shopping basket adorable. Right back to the point. For some strange unknown reason, my sunglasses broke so me and my friend went straight to the sunglasses section. After trying on countless pairs I found some that actually look good on me. IMG_1896.JPGIMG_1902.JPGI love the fact that these came with their own little bag thingy as I don’t own one of them (I think). They were only £2 and I think they are really summery and I just really like them. According to my friend nearly anything with flowers on it suits me and as these have flowers on them they may have been destined to protect my eyes from the glare of the sun. I really need to take the sticker off them, though. That isn’t a good look. I next went over to the perfumes because they have really nice roll on perfumes and I also really like the packaging. They have 5 different smells in the Primark I went to. They name them after big cities like London and New York and big events like Coachella. Last time I went there I brought number three LA which was florally and (in my opinion) amazing. I loved the smell and the fact that it was roll on. I like roll on things so it when I went back I wanted to get a new scent. IMG_1903.JPGThe fragrance I got, this time, was number 5 Coachella and what caught my eye was the packaging. I love the packaging and the perfume inside. I have a thing for ombre stuff and sunsets so this was kinda a must. On the back of the box, it says it is supposed to smell of orange, peach, jasmine, sandalwood, musk and vanilla. It is amazing and it smells soooo good. It was really affordable at only £2 which is really cheap for such a nice smelling perfume. IMG_1904.JPGI also found out that it lasts a long time on your skin and that a little bit goes a long way. Even though it is a relatively small bottle you would have to be either applying way too much or applying it too often if it runs out quickly. In my opinion, it is worth every drop. Also, because it is such a small bottle it makes it easier to carry around with you all day as it takes up hardly any room. That makes it both practical and pretty. The next thing I found were temporary body art tattoos.IMG_1905.JPG The story behind this started when I was surfing the world of youtube and suddenly I came across a couple of people having fun with temporary tattoos. This caught my attention so I copied the link and sent it to my friends and they both agreed that it would be a fun idea. I started looking up them on amazon and was disappointed with the results so I kinda gave up on the idea. Then whilst I was walking around Primark and discover that they sell them so I picked up a pack and I think I will test them out in one of the holidays. They look really summery and I love the different sizes of tattoos. I think I may place one or two on my face because I can and I want to. Some of the long and thin ones you could use as bracelets that you can’t take off that easily.IMG_1906.JPG The last things I bought in Primark are a twin pack of face wipes. Or oil balancing facial cleansing wipes to be exact. It says it is for oily and blemish prone skin which describes my skin perfectly. They were selling them as a twin pack for £1 which was the main thing that sold me. I don’t really need any face wipes as I have about three open packs at the moment so I need to do a lot of finishing before I even dream about using those wipes. If they are really good expect to see them in a favourites soon. Did you like the April favourites? I quite liked writing it so I will be making a May favourites. It si almost the end of the month so I should probably start writing that. Okay, I have the next few nights sorted out. Anyway, the meaning of all those words was that if any of these products are really good I will be putting them in a favourites so keep a look out for those posts.

After spending way too much time and money in Primark we moved on over to Animal where I yet again didn’t buy any of the clothes. Is it just me who goes into clothes shops and comes out with a bag of stuff that isn’t clothes? I hope not. Anyway, I went to the bracelet section because they have a nice selection of bracelets there and that is what I wanted to waste my money on so yeah. IMG_1907IMG_1908The first bracelet I got is a drawstring bracelet. I am absolutely obsessed with drawstring bracelets so I kinda had to get one. It is one of the thicker ones and has several gradients on it. I got it originally because I could just see the blue and the pink and I thought hey that looks nice. So then I picked it up and saw it was a gradient and then I knew I had to buy it. It looks really pretty on my wrist and I love it so muuuch. It also came with some instructions on how to keep it looking nice and working well which helped me loads as I want to treasure this bracelet forever and ever or until it is impossible for me to put it on. I didn’t stop there, though. Oh no! I had to go buy another bracelet didn’t I. Yes yes I did. IMG_1910IMG_1912The next bracelet is kinda like a two in one. They are tied together and look really nice. Well, of course, they look nice. I wouldn’t have brought it if I didn’t think it was nice. I think it was the blue that caught my eye. I really like the colour blue at the moment for some reason. The one bracelet is mostly blue with little silver balls on it. The other one is blue and purple. These bracelets make me wonder how they are made. They look so simple yet so complicated. They really are works of art.IMG_1916.JPG The last thing I got from there was a water bottle. It says on the bottom that it is magenta and it ii kinda that colour if you look really hard. But from a distance, it looks like a mixture of orange and red. At the moment, I am kind of in need of a water bottle so this is the perfect solution for that. It also has a really pretty design on it as well so all round brilliant. I don’t know if it holds liquids well yet but I will test that out soon.

Then we went to lush and I snaffled up a free copy of the spring edition lush catalogue thingy.IMG_1917.JPG I feel like that sort of thing helps so you can read and plan ahead with what you want to get people for birthdays and that sort of thing. That way you don’t have to go traipsing around lush smelling everything and reading every single label wasting valuable time at the shops. Also, this helps if you want to order online. IMG_1919IMG_1920From there I only got one little bath melt because that was all I felt like buying at that point in time. It is called a mmmelting marshmallow moment. It is a very sweet scent and I love it soo much. According to the little catalogue thingy it is meant to smell of dusky peach but I think it smells like peach and sweet sweet marshmallows.

The last shop I have photo proof that I went into was paperchase. As I said before I kind of have a problem with stationary so I tore myself away from that bit and settled on a few postcards. These I will just hang up in my room. The first one is about decision-making dice.IMG_1921.JPG Outside of a computer screen, I have hardly any social life apart from a handful of friends. I never have the time nor mental ability to be very social and that shows with the amount of books I have been reading. Everyone says I have way too much spare time which isn’t true. I have lots of spare time because I don’t bother with having much of a social life. So those dice are speaking the truth and I got that one because I felt like I could relate to what was happening in the postcard. IMG_1924.JPGThe next one is a unicorn saying your existence is pointless. I got this one because everyone could do with having a little bit of motivation now and again and because it is saying that my existence is pointless it is making me want to prove that my existence is not pointless because I want to prove a unicorn wrong. Even if most unicorns speak the truth. The unicorn may have helped persuade me to buy this particular postcard.IMG_1923.JPG The last on is the crumpet of courage. I got this one because it reminds me of all the people who are facing the day with a smile even if what they are going through is hard. It reminds me of all the brave people who have so much courage to do what they are doing. It also is the most adorable crumpet ever and I love it.

The last shop I went to I don’t have photo evidence of because it is long gone but it was amazing. There is a shop called juice bars fuel and they sell the most amazing smoothies known to man. They have such a wide variety and they are all like little meals in a cup. They are so filling and just generally amazing. If you ever pass one of these definitely pop in and order one.I prefer one called “the fat burner” and that isn’t because I am on a diet (I am not on a diet) but because of all the things inside of it.It is made with strawberries, raspberries, bananas, apple juice and fat-free frozen yoghurt I think and it tastes amazing. They cool you down on a warm summers day and was the perfect end to a lovely shopping trip.

Thank you for reading this abnormally long post. If you don’t like long blog posts I can promise you the rest are nothing like that. However, I can’t promise there won’t be any long ones in the future. If you liked this please click share and the like button. I am on Twitter so go on there and become my friend There are posts on there frequently about the blog and a bit of behind the scenes action.

I’m not sure how many people if any got their way down to here. If you did hello and congrats you just read a lot of randomness and I am amazed your brain hasn’t been too frazzled to read this.

I would like to thank you again and I will hopefully see you next time. Bye!!

P.S- Don’t ask why the wall changes colour in the photos as it is the same wall in every one. Apart from the one with the sun glasses. That wall is different.


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