May favourites


I don’t know about you but I really enjoyed writing the April favourites so as it is now the end of yet another month I have decided to do a May favourites. I don’t have too long time wise (only a couple of hours) before I want to get this posted and there are quite a few things I liked in May so I can’t get into too much detail.

I didn’t wear too much makeup in May and my skin has been thanking me for it. Instead, I have been focusing on keeping it clear and spot free. I have found that the best way to get rid of spots is to just not wear any makeup and to have a strict skin care routine.IMG_1935.JPG The first thing that I have been using is a facial wash. It is by boots and is the tea tree and witch hazel with active charcoal facial wash. It smells of tea tree as expected and washes your face really well. It never leaves my skin feeling dry yet leaves it soft, clean and smooth. It is really easy to use and because I act my shoe size and not my age the fact that it is dark grey adds a level of excitement and I can pretend I am smearing mud or something over my face but it is doing my face good .

Another thing I have been loving in my skin care is the T-zone refreshing and hydrating gel-cream.IMG_1937.JPG It is my number one moisturiser and I have fallen in love with it. If you can notice a difference in your skin when you use skin care products and when you don’t use them then you know whether you should carry on using it. I always have problems with dry skin especially on my face and this moisturiser gets rid of it after using it for a couple of days. When I use it my skin feels soo soft and smooth and new. Like I had been reborn and my skin was as soft as a babies skin. So then after a while of using it, I thought I didn’t need it anymore and then the dry skin came back to haunt me again. In other words, this is a very good moisturiser as it does its job very well and smells of tea tree. It is also paraben free which is good because according to the internet parabens may not be that good for our health. I don’t really know what makes it a gel cream instead of just one or the other but whatever it is it has done the job for me and I love it.

The next item that has made its way to my favourites is the Zoella Beauty Blissful Mistful solid fragrance.IMG_1938.JPG Firstly, I love it because I have never seen a solid fragrance before and having a perfume that is solid is something that appeals to me. I also love the weird looks you get when people think you are putting lip balm everywhere but your lips. Also, because it is in an adorable tin and not a glass jar it is much easier to put in your bag and take with you. It lasts a really long time on your skin and smells amazing. I don’t really know how to describe the smell so you would definitely have to go to a shop to find out what it smells like. It doesn’t smell like anything I had ever smelt before which is maybe why like it so much. It doesn’t smell like your generic scent. That doesn’t make sense. Oops! Also, the packaging is so adorable and I love it so much.

This one is also a perfume but this time, it is liquid. It is a roll on perfume and is quite small which is perfect to be carrying with you.IMG_1939.JPG It is the LA 03 perfume from Primark. I have been literally obsessed with this as it is so quick and easy to use. So if I completely forget to put on perfume I will normally find this randomly in my bag and put it on. It is a very floral scent but I can’t remember what it is meant to smell of exactly. It gets absorbed into my skin quickly and on days where I haven’t been wearing the Zoella Beauty solid fragrance I have been wearing this. It doesn’t last as long as the Zoella Beauty one but a little goes a long way with this so I don’t think I will be running out anytime soon. It was also really cheap so I definitely recommend it.

Now I am moving into the makeup part of the favourites and as I said earlier I haven’t been wearing much makeup in May but when I was wearing makeup these were my favourite things. IMG_1940IMG_1941The first one is the Avon true colour eyeshadow duo in warm cashmere. They are such pretty colours and they can create several different looks on your eyes. I have blue eyes and I find a lot of eyeshadow colours don’t suit me because of that so it was nice to find some really pretty eyeshadows that would look nice on me. I have been really liking natural makeup at the moment and I have found it is really easy to create a lovely natural look with these. I find they just enhance the eyes but it’s really subtle so all round win. They also come with their own little brush just in case you need one.

IMG_1943IMG_1944IMG_1945Next is the Seventeen All Out Pout lip glosses. I got these for my birthday and I fell in love. There are six different shades of gloss and they are all totally different. You could go for a nude lip, berry lip and hot pink lip all with the same palette. I have found this really useful as I haven’t had to take lots of separate lipsticks/glosses with me everywhere I go. For example sleepovers. I never know what type of makeup look I will go for the next day so I end up bringing almost all my makeup which can be very annoying as it is sooooooo heavy when put all together. In reality, I am only going to use about a quarter of everything I bring so the other three-quarters may as well not be there. With this palette, I am not lugging around six separate things. Instead, they are all nice and neatly inside this tiny palette meaning I don’t have to become decisive yet. Another example holidays. The exact same thing happens as before so this is a better alternative. Also, they are also really pigmented, they come with their own brush and they aren’t sticky on the lips meaning they are pleasant to wear.

IMG_1947IMG_1948This last makeupy item is an EOS lip balm. Specifically the mint one. I have heard lots of mixed reviews on them. Some people (like me) say they are really good lip balms and they love them. Others claim that they have dried out their lips and made them all chapped. I have been using them for well over a year now and have never experienced anything like that but opinions are opinions and I am not going to go against anyone else’s. I really like the smell of all of them but the one I have been using recently is the mint one. It has been my go to lip balm for a while now and although it is weirdly shaped that helps because I can never lose it in my bag. I got given this one from a friend who brought it in America but I have brought other ones from Amazon before. They aren’t the cheapest lip balms in the world but in my opinion, they are worth it. Even after you have completely used the balm you can then follow one of the gazillions of tutorials on YouTube about making new and adorable ones. I have found that they provide hours of entertainment. The actual balm itself helps get rid of my chapped lips and changes them to nice soft ones.

the fiveThe next thing is a Tv series called The Five. I don’t remember the exact date it finished but I was watching it all throughout May. It is very confusing but I will try to give you a little hint of what goes on without giving away any spoilers. It is about 5 lifelong friends who are attempting to work out how a kid that went missing and was supposedly murdered had his DNA found at the scene of a murder. There are 10 episodes and they are all available on the sky go app. It is very confusing as there are lots of different people doing lots of different things like murdering others.

walkers sunbites sweet chilliDon’t worry we are nearly at the end now. The next thing is a food. Just so you know I like my food and I would include my own photo of this but the packet has been demolished. It is the Walkers Sunbites – Sweet chilli flavour. I have fallen in love with these they just taste so good. I don’t really like spicy things and seeing that they are sweet chilli flavour did make me not want to try them at first. They are a tiny bit spicy if you shove the entire packet down your throat. Then they burn. However, if you are eating them slowly like a normal person there shouldn’t be a burn. I don’t really know how to describe them other than mouth-watering and extremely tasty. I do know that you should taste them though as they are amazing.

popcorn chefThis one is an app which is available on the app store and also the internet.It is about putting the right amount of popcorn kernels into different sized and shaped pots. It may not sound very fun but when you start to play it it gets so addicting. It is also amusing to see what different types of popcorn can be thought of as some of them are really random.

sdf movieThe last thing I have been really enjoying last month is a movie. It is called the asdf movie and is a bunch of stick men and women doing really random things. Some of them are really funny and they just generally put a smile on my face. They are in short episodes so it would be best to watch all 9 at once. All of them together only lasts about 16 minutes and they are all really different. There is one word that some people classify as a swear word in there so if you don’t want to find out what that word is skip the deleted scenes from the asdf movie 2.

There it is my May favourites. We are nearly halfway through the year now. It is going way too quickly. What was your favourite thing last month? Comment down below!

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Thank you so much for reading this blog post and I will hopefully see you later. Bye!!



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