A rant about hay fever

For those of you who don’t know I suffer from hay fever and it is so annoying. One second I will be fine and then some pollen will float by me and then I won’t be able to stop sneezing and I will have tears streaming down my face. You may be wondering why I don’t just take a hay fever tablet and that normally is what I would do. However, this year my body has decided that instead of letting hay fever tablets do what they should the tablets are going to make my hay fever even worse which is not good news for me. Although, I am not the only one who is having issues with the hay fever tablets as my dad (who also suffers from hay fever) has also found that they just aren’t working. The only good thing about this year and my hay fever is that my legs and arms aren’t getting all spotty if I play in grass which is a bonus. My eyes are nearly always red which is really annoying. It doesn’t help that I am also allergic to a lot of pets so there is even more sneezing from that. Having hay fever is just a general pain in the backside. If you don’t have hay fever you are very lucky and I am extremely jealous. Approximately 10 million people in England have hay fever and I am one of them . Where I live the pollen count goes from moderate to very high in a matter of days.

This isn’t what I normally write but my hay fever has been getting really bad recently and it is really annoying me and I had to let the rage out somehow and this was the most harmless way I could think of. If you want an example of what I normally write click here for my last post.

Thank you for reading this short little update on my life and I hope you have a lovely day! Bye!!


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