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After a bit of collecting, you end up with an impressive amount of a certain thing. For me, that certain thing is Zoella Beauty items. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get to a Superdrug since the new range got released but as soon as I can I will get some. I do, however, have quite a lot of the original range and the Tutti Fruity range. I love all of them though some more than others so I decided to tell you about them.

This is me presuming you know who Zoella is. If you don’t know I suggest looking her up on YouTube as soon as you have finished reading this. She is a massive YouTube star with nearly 11 million subscribers. Loved by fans all over the world she now has her own beauty range (obviously) and nearly three books (I say nearly as she is writing the third). She also has a blog so you should check that out click here.
I have had to divide this into parts as I have too much stuff and I would have to be working on this for too much time. This also means you get more posts!
Enough rambling, here is my Zoella Beauty collection!
IMG_2025IMG_2026I think we will start with the original collection. The first thing is a fizz bar. The fizz bar is called fizz bar. It looks and smells good enough to eat (it looks just like a chocolate bar) but I wouldn’t recommend eating it because I just have a feeling it won’t taste the same. There are eight little squares and depending on how big your bath is changes how many little squares you need to put in. For a relatively small bath you would only need one but if you enjoy having big baths two little squares will be needed. That means a minimum of 4 baths per bar. It only costs £5 so the bath would only be £1.25. However, if you like small baths you will be able to get 8 baths out of one bar meaning a single bath would cost 62p. It is definitely worth the money and the packaging is so adorable that you won’t want to get rid of it. The actual bath fizzer square thingies are white so they don’t turn your bath any colour but they do make it smell amazing. It doesn’t really have a specific scent. What I mean by that is that it doesn’t smell exactly like oranges or vanilla for example. It is a nice fresh scent that (in my opinion) you could wear all year round. If it is a particularly rainy day in summer, then I would use this as I find it as a nice comfy scent (can a scent be comfy?). I would also use it in winter.
IMG_2028.JPGNext, is a shower gel called Soak Opera. But this isn’t just a shower gel. Oh no! It is also a bath soak (the stuff that makes the bath bubbly)! Due to the fact that you often need a lot of mixture to make bubbles the bottle is very big which makes it very hard to squeeze the product out with wet hands. On the back of this one, it says it has vitamin E, shea butter and aloe extracts in it to “soften and condition the skin” which is exactly what it does. If it is cold outside this is the first thing I reach for in the shower. I don’t even bother washing my hair until after that most crucial step. Another reason I love it is that I can use it as bubble bath so I can have a bath full of amazingly scented bubbles. It is a pink pearlescent colour which I really like for some reason. Don’t ask why I just do. When you get out the bath/shower and dry yourself off it leaves your skin smelling exactly like it but not so much so people can smell you from a mile away which is a bonus for me because countless times I have had a shower gel smell amazing in the shower/bath but then as soon as I get out and dry off the scent is completely gone or is really weak.
IMG_2032.JPGWhen I get out of the shower and I have dried myself off the next thing I use is a body lotion. I also happen to have the body lotion from this range. It is in miniature size because it came with a big Christmas gift set which I will talk about later. Although it is the perfect size for travelling. The body lotion is called Creamy Madly Dreamy. It is incredibly moisturising and the packaging is adorable. It smells like the other two and helps make sure the lovely scent stays on my skin much longer than what it would without it. My skin is always much softer than normal whenever I use this so if you are looking for a good, nice smelling and relatively cheap (£5) body lotion then get this. Like I said earlier I have a miniature size one so the ones you get in shops are much bigger than the one shown in the picture. This is definitely one of the things I love more as it is so moisturising and lightweight.
IMG_2033IMG_2034Now moving on to the extension of the original range. This next item is one of the first of its kind I have ever seen. It is a solid perfume named Blissful Mistful. When I first applied it in front of my brother he thought I was putting lip balm on my wrists. The first thing that caught my eye with this item was the packaging. All the Zoella Beauty packaging is adorable and this was no exception. It is in a tin instead of a glass bottle like the other fragrances meaning it can’t break in your bag which is a plus. When my friend first saw it she thought it was a bit strange but when I told her what it was she got very excited as she had also never heard of a solid fragrance before. Then she started singing this awful song and completely forgot about it. She claims it wasn’t that bad but I beg to differ. My eardrums may never recover from that experience. It wasn’t exactly her singing but the actual song. I don’t know what song it was so don’t ask. Oh dear, I am rambling again. Right, I am back on track . The tin could also be very useful after you have used all the product because you could use it as a tin to store random small things or as a pretty thing to look nice on your desk. The possibilities are endless. However, at the rate I am going it will take forever to use it all as a little goes a long way which is really useful to save you money. This smells exactly the same as the others and I am not going to complain about that.
IMG_2037IMG_2039This next item is my all-time favourite hand cream. It is called Wonder Hand and it is absolutely wonderful. Like the solid fragrance, you only need a tiny amount as it goes a long way. Although that is normally the case with hand creams. It is a very good size and yet again has the most adorable packaging. All the items seem to have a theme with having lace on the packaging and with this one there is lace on the box and the actual thing. The box is pretty adorable as well and I haven’t been able to throw it away yet. The actual hand cream absorbs into your skin quickly and leaves it smelling amazing. I rarely ever get dry skin on my hands but my addiction to hand cream may be why so I have no clue if it helps get rid of dry skin on your hands but I would assume so. It has kept dry skin away from my hands so I am pretty sure it would get rid of it as well.
IMG_2045.JPGDo you like ice lollies? Would you like to try a soap pop? You probably shouldn’t seeing as it says DO NOT EAT. You may be wondering what a soap pop is. Well, it is a lovely smelling bar of soap on a stick. I haven’t actually used this before (shock horror) because I can’t bring myself to throw it away quite yet. This is one of the only products with no lace on it and it still manages to be adorable. With this one, there is also a hidden extra. On the other side of the stick, it says something along the lines of “my favourite person is” and then once you have used it you would be able to see who her favourite person is. I said it would be along the lines of that because there are lots of different ones. I brought a friend one of these for her birthday and hers said: “my favourite place is”. I kinda like that as it is a way that fans of Zoella can find out random facts about her without her having to formally tell them. I can’t tell you if it is any good because like I said before I can’t bear to throw away the packaging but I will soon work up the courage to do so and then I will update this.
That is, it for part one but I have so many more items to show you so there will be at least three parts of this little series. If you enjoyed this give it a like because I won’t know else. If you haven’t read my last post click on the link here.
Thank you so much for reading and I will (hopefully) see you later with another blog post. Bye!!


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