June favourites

It is that time of the month where I tell you what products I liked the previous month again. Well slightly later than that because I have been super-duper busy. Anyway, I feel like this year has gone past way too quickly. There has now been over half a year gone of 2016 and I am seriously worried. Where has the time gone? I have no idea. Next thing you know I’ll be doing my December 2016 favourites. Also this is my 20th post woooo!!!
Anyway back to June, I have been loving a wide range of random products so I decided to share those things with you.

Starting with skincare I have been absolutely loving the Boots tea tree and witch hazel peel off face mask. This month has been really stressful for me so I have been doing way too many pamper evenings and that has resulted in trying quite a few face masks. I prefer peel off face masks anyway because I am very lazy and I cannot be bothered to wash off a face mask and I just find peeling things off my skin very satisfying. When you were younger in school did you ever put PVA glue on your hands, let it dry and then peel it off? I did because it felt so satisfying. So that may be the reason I was drawn to this particular product in Boots. I love the tea tree and witch hazel range anyway so I kind of knew I would love this. Out of all the face masks, I tried this past month this one really shone through. Firstly, it is one of the first peel-off face masks I have seen in a bottle. You can get those ones in little packets but they are only one use things and if you like them you have to buy more costing you more in the long run. I have used this many times as it leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. You also don’t need that much to cover your face meaning it is well worth the £3 I paid for it. It dries really quickly so if you are impatient you won’t have to wait for what feels like forever and a day for it to dry. Also like I said earlier if you are lazy you don’t have to wash it off. Instead, you can peel it off and save time (and energy). Bear in mind it may not dry if you are in the bath due to the steam coming from the water. It also smells quite nice which is always good. I’m not too sure if it helps to remove blackheads as I don’t really have any so I can’t promise blackhead free skin after using it. However, it does everything I look for in a face mask and it does those things I look for well.

The next item I kind of predicted would be in a favourites. Well, I almost predicted it. It is the PS oil balancing facial cleansing wipes for oily and blemish prone skin. That has a very long title. I really like these (duh obviously!) as they clean the skin (duh obviously!). These have made my skin less oily and just feel clean. Like if I ran my hand down my face it would start squeaking. I wouldn’t do that for two reasons. One my hand probably won’t be as clean as my face meaning my face will get dirty and I would have just washed it. Two I would be really terrified if my skin started to squeak at me so I wouldn’t even attempt to do that. I got two packs of these for £1 which is a right good deal if you ask me. I probably would have bought them if they were £1 each. Just so you know they don’t remove makeup very well but they aren’t supposed to remove makeup so that isn’t really surprising. Although the packaging isn’t the cutest thing in the world it certainly isn’t ugly. If you don’t have oily or blemish prone skin, you should still take a look at their range as they may have facial wipes that are perfect for your skin type.

Moving on from the skincare and into the makeup, this next item is the Barry M Natural glow shadow and blush palette. I got this as a present around a year ago and I absolutely love it. I love each and every shade in this palette. They are really pigmented when used in the right way or they can be really subtle and I really like that you have a choice. The palette comes with two eyeshadow applicator brushes which are useful if you don’t have any . You can create so many diverse looks with this palette which is what I love about it. The colours are really pretty colours and you can create day looks as well as night looks with this. The colours aren’t too bright meaning they don’t look silly on me (which is always a bonus). It is also the perfect size for travel or just to carry around in your bag so you can top up on your eyeshadow during the day. As well as all of that it has a decent sized mirror which I also really like.

Throughout the month of June, I have been getting kinda bored with my hair colour (blonde) so I have been experimenting with hair chalk. I was on holiday when I saw this and brought this but I only started using it in June. It is a hair chalk in the colour cool coral. I think it was by some brand called hair candy but I threw the packaging away a while ago and I can’t find anything online to support that statement. It is a coraly colour and I really like it. I wore it at my friend’s house and she couldn’t decide if it was orange or pink. It washed out my hair with shampoo on the first wash (as promised) and left behind no staining whatsoever. I also got kinda messy doing this and my hands and black trousers were covered in hair chalk. The chalk washed straight off my hands and came off my trousers with ease after using a slightly damp flannel on it. The colour was really vibrant when I put it on and I only needed a little bit to achieve this effect. It lasted a few days (as long as I didn’t play with it that often) and faded slowly. It is a really pretty colour and fun to mess about with. It took me a little while to find a method of applying that worked for me but after I did it was really quick and easy to apply. I have been just enjoying having a different colour hair to normal so I will be definitely getting some more hair chalk so I can experiment with other colours. It is kinda annoying when I have to wash my hair because it goes back to being boring old blonde.

The last beauty item I have been finding myself using this last month is the Zoella Beauty Let’s Spritz fragranced body mist. The first thing I noticed about this is that the packaging is adorable. Then I noticed it was Zoella and I then knew I must have it. It exceeded my expectations quite drastically which is always good. Most body mists have a really faint smell, however, this one is quite heavily scented which I really like because it smells so good and you only have to use a little bit to smell it from miles away. It is also really good because it has the same price as a body mist instead of a perfume meaning more people can afford it. It is part of the “Tutti Fruity” range. I really like the tutti fruity range because it doesn’t smell like your run of the mill tutti fruit scent (I don’t really like that). It smells more like blueberries and stuff like whilst managing to still be fresh. It is nice, refreshing and perfect for a summery day (which we have been getting more of recently).


Fiji water. Water from a place in France. I have to say the packaging is quite nice and the water tasted good. You can buy it in lots of different sizes. That’s all I really have to say about this. But yeah water from Fiji. Just so you know I randomly came across this item in Waitrose. If I happen to find it in Waitrose again I will probably buy it as it tasted pretty good. It was slightly different in taste to normal water and 99p for a 500ml bottle isn’t too bad in my opinion. But then again my opinion isn’t always right.

milk bottles.jpg
The last thing I have had a slightly unhealthy obsession with over the past month is milk bottles. Not that glass or plastic kind you may be thinking of but the gummy version. The milk bottles were always my favourite in the Haribo packs and now you can buy packets of them on their own. I’m not sure how long they have been like that but they are amazing. They are like little bits of heaven in your mouth. While I am writing all these blog posts the one thing that keeps me going is little amounts of sugar regularly coming into my mouth. I’m not sure if it is only a little amount of sugar in each one but these are very nice and tasty as a treat. (By the way, when I am eating these while writing I only manage to get through about 1/3 of a bag before I start to feel sick and stop!).
So that is it for June. It has been a good one. Full of laughter and me being a general weirdo. I hope you have enjoyed this post seeing as it took me weeks to write… quite literally weeks. I started it ages ago and then completely forgot to finish it. Oh well. Stay tuned for lots more exciting (I hope) posts and a big announcement at the end of July. I am also sorry I have been incredibly infrequent with these posts. I have genuinely been really busy and I have just not had the time to write.

Be sure to check out my last post A rant about hay fever and if you like what you see click follow!
So thank you for reading and I will hopefully see you again later. Bye!!


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