Things to do on a pamper evening

At this time of the year, life is stressful. Many school children are either enjoying their life in the summer holidays or attempting to survive the last few days at school. Pamper evenings are a great way to destress, relax and unwind so I have found myself doing quite a few this past couple of weeks. You can forget all your worries and just zone out for a bit. Also, you don’t want that stress to build up as severe stress can lead to mental health problems.

However, I may have got you wanting to have a pamper evening but you may not know what to do on a pamper evening. I also need to stop saying pamper evening. This is getting very repetitive. I am going to tell you what I do on a pamper evening so you can get some inspiration and then create your own unique little evening of pamperness.
The first thing I like to do after a long stressful day is to run a lovely hot bath. This is where most of the relaxation happens. After running the bath, I like to add a bath bomb from lush and watch it fizz away. My favourite one at the moment is the Lava Lamp from lush. It turns the bath to a really bright orange colour and then the little purple blue bits are like a bath oil. They take slightly longer to disintegrate into the bath but they eventually do. The purple bits soften your skin and surprisingly don’t make it purple. The rest of the bath bomb makes your skin smell really citrusy and amazing. It isn’t there all year round (I think) so grab it while you can. The only bad thing that I found with this bath bomb is that it leaves a purple oily rind around the side of the bath when all the water is gone so you will have to clean your bath afterwards. Buy here. Then in the bath, the next thing I like to do is wash my hair. I like most shampoos and conditioners by TRESemme as they make my hair so soft and shiny it is unreal. I end up looking like a total creep because I can’t stop touching my hair due to the fact it is really soft. You should definitely check out their shampoos and conditioners if you want really soft and shiny hair. After that, I washed with the most citrusy shower gel I had in my house at that moment. That turned out to be a mango shower gel by original source. It smells amazing and left my skin feeling squeaky clean and smelling slightly of mango but not too much that you couldn’t smell the bath bomb underneath. Then I kinda just float in the bath for about another hour and then get out.
After, I get out and put my hair up in a towel and get in my comfy pyjamas and pull out a face mask. One of the face masks I have been really enjoying at the moment is the Boots tea tree and witch hazel peel off face mask. I didn’t use this in the bath because it wouldn’t have dried completely due to the steam from the water. I am really liking peel off face masks at the moment and this one is one of my favourites. I’m not going to go into too much detail about it here because I have written about it in my June favourites so if you want a more in-depth review of this click here. It dries really quickly as long as you only put the recommended amount on. If you put on more it will take more time to dry. It leaves the skin feeling soft and clean and it is perfect for when you feel lazier. Buy here.
After the face mask has dried and I have peeled it off I then go wash my face with a damp cloth to remove any excess face mask. I then take my hair out the towel to give it more air to dry in. Now it is time to paint my nails. At this exact point in time, I am really loving matte nails, however, buying matte nail polishes is expensive. So after looking around on the internet I found a matte top coat which is now the answer to pretty much all my problems. It is by Barry M and it is what it says on the tin. A matte top coat. It dries pretty quickly and leaves your nails well… matte. I also got it for around £3 which meant my purse didn’t have to suffer that much when buying it. Buy here. I recently discovered a new nail polish as well. It is by Maybelline and it is the colour show acid wash effect nail polish in 247 Ripped Tide. I really like the colour blue right now and it looks really pretty on my nails so I think I might be looking at their other colours. Due to all the chunky glitter in the polish, you will need a couple coats of a top coat to completely seal in the nail polish. If you don’t it will catch on everything and start to come off the day after you did it. However, it is a really pretty colour and I wouldn’t use it just because it needs a couple layers of top coat to stop it from coming off. Buy here
When the nail polish is finally dry I do the rest of my normal evening routine (skin care, brushing teeth etc) and then go to bed feeling all relaxed and calm. After a pamper evening I find it so much easier to get to sleep. Probably from all the exercise I went through to peel off my face mask. So much effort. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and will try having a pamper evening. They are lots of fun to do by yourself or with friends (maybe skipping the bath part, though!). Leave any comments that you may have about this post in the comments.
Thank you so much for reading and I will hopefully see you later. Bye!!


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