July Favourites

It seems like only last week when I was writing the June favourites and now it is already time to write July’s! This year is going wayyyyyyyyy to fast and it needs to slow down or I may not be able to cope.

July has been an interesting month as I have been focusing on other things than what I would normally. For example, I haven’t been spending all my money on makeup and instead saving (ish). In fact, I haven’t worn that much makeup at all in July and I have been getting really serious about my skin care routine and making sure it happens twice a day. I’m rambling. I might be one of the world’s best ramblers. Or at least close. Anyway, here are my July favourites.

IMG_2391IMG_2390Starting off with makeup I have been really loving an eyeliner and a lip liner by a brand called model co. It is a brand based in Sydney, Australia and they produce cosmetics, skin care, self – tanning and sun care products. I got my hands on a lip liner and an eyeliner and I love them. The lip liner is one of the illusion lip liners and it is a lovely natural shade and a nice, smooth and creamy consistency. I don’t think it has a name. If it does I don’t know it. It glides on your lips like a dream and makes them look bigger (that’s the illusion part). The eyeliner is simply called black eye pencil and it too is a nice, smooth and creamy consistency. It is jet black and easy to use. You don’t have to press too hard to get good colour pay off and I also love the design of these products. It is simple yet still pretty. Model co also sells many other products so you should probably check that out if that is something that interests you.

IMG_2393IMG_2397Other than that I haven’t been really using any more makeup. Although what I have been using and loving in July is the Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruity range. I haven’t managed to talk about these in any detail before because I haven’t even started to write by Zoella Beauty collection part two. I am so sad this range is slowly disappearing off the shelves of Superdrug. Oh well. The items I have been using the most this past month is the scrubbing me softly body scrub and the candy cream body lotion. Firstly, this duo makes your skin super-duper soft. With the body scrub gently removing all the dead skin and the body lotion moisturising the skin it is a fool proof way to have lovely soft skin. On top of that, they smell really fresh, summery, fruity and definitely not like your classic tutti fruity scent. That is probably what I like the most about it. It’s not your generic, run of the mill scent. Instead, it is different it a good way and that makes it and out against all other products on the shelves. Also, the packaging is just adorable and catches your eye.

IMG_2399In July I have been getting bored with my hair colour again. Either last month or the month before was talking about a hair chalk I had been using. This month I found a new one only this time it is a spray hair chalk instead of normal hair chalk. It is by colour addict and in the colour mint. I am a big fan of pastel colours and when I saw this in a shop I knew that I had to get it. It smells really nice which was something I did not expect. The colour comes out extremely pigmented and I had to run a brush through my hair because it was too bold for my liking. However, I was quite impressed with this and will be looking at purchasing some of their other colours. I think there was a lilac colour and a pink but I’m not sure.

Kallo rice cakesThis last item is the kallo blueberry and vanilla rice cakes. These things are so delicious it’s unreal. They are healthy, filling and tasty. They make a nice snack and they are just a nice thing to have on their own or as a pudding. I have never heard of a blueberry and vanilla rice cake before and that caught my attention. Also, each rice cake is 35 calories, no artificial colours or preservatives and it can be eaten by vegans and vegetarians. There are also many other flavours you can choose from if you dislike blueberry and vanilla.


That was all for this post. It is slightly shorter than normal but I am still loving most of the same things I liked in April, May and June so there wasn’t much new to share with you.

Thank you for reading and comment down below what you have been loving this month.




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