Things to in summer (part two)

It’s summer and the kids are done with school for over six weeks. Children and teenagers are having to rack their brains to find something to do with their days after discovering their new freedom. I have decided to make a series that shows things that I have been doing over the holidays so you at home will not fall into a seemingly bottomless hole known as boredom. In this series, I will give you some ideas on what you could do with your spare time.

Although it is supposed to be warm you will still have bad weather days. That, however, is not an excuse to be bored. This post has something you should do while it is cold and rainy so you can enjoy them while it is warm. These require hardly any ingredients and are easy and fun to make.

Frozen yoghurt bites – Cute, tasty and guaranteed to cool you down. Also, great fun to make and super easy.

Preparation time – 5 minutes (not including freezer time)

Serves – As many as you make

Equipment needed –

  • Spoon
  • Bowl
  • Freezer
  • Ice cube tray

Ingredients needed – (there are no specific measurements for this)

  • Yoghurt (I am using Vanilla)
  • Fruit (I am using raspberries)IMG_0400.JPG

Method –

  • Get your fruit of choice and put it in a bowlIMG_0401.JPG
  • Grab a spoon, release all your anger on that poor bowl of fruit and mash it up until it doesn’t look like itself anymoreIMG_0402.JPG
  • Get some of your yoghurt and mix it a tiny bit so the fruit makes a marble effectIMG_0403.JPG
  • Spoon that into your ice cube trayIMG_0404.JPG
  • Put that into the freezer and wait several hours for it to freeze (it should take 2-4 hours). You could do this on a rainy day and then eat them on a sunny day
  • Once they are frozen and you want to eat them take them out and serveIMG_2440.JPG
  • Enjoy !!

And there you have it. A yummy and refreshing snack to enjoy this summer.  There are many different flavour combinations that you could try. Again if you are struggling for inspiration the internet is a great place to look.

Comment down below what your favourite fruit is.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.


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