I am back

Right, I am still alive which is always a good sign. Recently I just haven’t been going on my computer as much. Instead, I have been attempting to be social which was proving to be a nightmare. I have discovered I would much rather talk to people over the internet than talk to them in real life. It is just easier I find. Even after weighing up the complications. Talking to people in real life requires you to get dressed in clothes that seem at least slightly presentable and then make your hair, not a mess.You should probably shower somewhere in there. And then you have to get to the place where you are going and then find something fun to do and not get bored. If you are very anti-social(like me!) then that is a big ask and I can tell you that although it was a fun(ish) experience I wouldn’t try that again. On the other hand, I got some good pictures so not all is bad (expect a post including them soon). Anyway from here on out I am going to try and post more frequently and not leave for a month (by the way September favourites is coming). Now that is all cleared up I would like to give you a quick insight into the life of someone who is obsessed with counting down to specific points in the year. As of Tuesday 4th October it is exactly:

  • 27 days until Halloween(spooky)
  • 82 days until Christmas
  • 143 days until my birthday(but that’s next year 😦 )

Thought you should know. So that concludes this very exciting and informative blog post. Reading this should make you feel like you have accomplished something that you never knew needed accomplishing and yeah.

Please feel free to comment down below any ideas that you feel would make a good blog post because even though I am not suffering writer’s block at the moment there will come a time in which I will (it happens to everyone don’t worry if you are in a state of confusion right now) so I will eventually need some ideas to fall back on. Also please comment if you would like to see some fall/Christmas DIYs and maybe a room tour. I don’t know I’m just throwing ideas out there. If you aren’t going to comment one of the things mentioned above then say something so I know you are there.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post and I hope to see you next time. Bye!!


2 thoughts on “I am back

  1. Hello says:

    I’d love some DIYs and a room tour! I think that you could do a Halloween costume ideas because I am struggling! Good to have you back, glad you’re not dead.


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