DIY Halloween Costumes For The Rushed

I couldn’t really think of a good way to start this so this opening few sentences took me all weekend to come up with. I must have looked really weird after I had suddenly composed them in public and then got very excited for what must have seemed like no reason. Oh well.

Have you ever not been prepared at all for Halloween. For example, it’s the first of October and you are like yay it’s Halloween at the end of the month. I will think about that later though as it is not too important right now. Then next thing you know it’s October 31st and you are there like where did the time go? No? Well, I guess that will be a fun year for you then. Anyway, let’s presume that this year is that year. The year that we completely forget about a particularly scary holiday. You have like a week left and you need a costume. Unfortunately, it’s too late to order one online and there are none in the shops near you. I have a few tips and tricks for you. So let’s get cracking

Now you haven’t really given yourself enough time to get together a creative and inventive costume so you may just need to suck it up and accept that this is the year where you outfit is going to be slightly worse than previous years. However, if you do manage to come up with a good costume then hats off to you. Chances are I probably wouldn’t be able to do that.

My first suggestion for you is to be some form of zombie. They can be pretty scary as long as they are executed properly. We all have some old clothes in the back of our closet that we don’t wear and just haven’t got round to throwing out yet (if you don’t go to a charity shop). Find some that you really don’t mind ruining and then take this whole operation outside. Grab some scissors and cut random holes in the clothes making sure not to remove any places which need to be there. Try and be as random as possible as zombies would not have methodically placed rips throughout their clothing, would they? After you are happy with the degree of holiness in your clothes stop. The next step is to find some fake blood. Seeing as fake blood may not always be available going to the craft store and picking up red and brown paint and mixing together to create a blood looking colour will do. Then prop the shirt up somewhere and then splatter it from a distance. This will help create randomised effect which will eventually add on to make your costume as real as possible. Let the paint dry and if you aren’t happy with the amount of blood go in for round two. Now your outfit is done all you need to think about is the face, hair and the excess skin showing.

For your face, I have devised a way to create a zombie-esque makeup look that is relatively easy and pain-free. Starting off with your base use a pale coloured paint. Your skin goes paler when you are dead so you need your skin lighter than it is normally to give off some dead vibes. Make sure you are also coating your neck with the paint or whatever you are using. Next, you want to accentuate your under eye circles as zombies aren’t going to have had their beauty sleep are they? Now you shouldn’t be coming to me if you want to know how to make a realistic looking wound as I’m not that good at them. However, I can create a pretty convincing bruise so I will show you how to do that. But before that using a sponge of a stippling brush dab brown paint over your face to give the impression you have mud on your face as zombies will not be the cleanest of humans.

*steps for bruise**add pictures**don’t leave out the neck*

Next for your hair. You can just simply ruffle your hair up and make it very messy then hairspray it so it stays like that. For humans with long hair, you could do some sort of elaborate hairstyle then completely mess it up. Pull random bits out. Fluff up random parts. Make it lopsided. Do whatever. What this zombie looks like it up to you now.

Still using that sponge/stippling brush from before apply more “mud” onto the rest of your skin so it doesn’t look weirdly clean compared to your face. Then you could leave it like that or you could find a fake tattoo of a wound and apply that to your skin.

There you have it. One easily achievable Halloween costumes which you could use to convince others that you actually spent a decent amount of time on it.

If you are too lazy for that though just buy a rather large amount of white fabric and cut eye holes in it. Throw it over your head for an easily achieved ghost costume that will be sure to freak out everyone who sees you.

Just kidding.

It will scare everyone even if they don’t see you. You will be will be known as having the scariest costume in the history.

I thnk I am going to update you on my little countdown thing I have gotten myself into. As of Friday 14th of October it is:

  • 16 days until the supposed scariest time of the year (that’s right Halloween is just around the corner)
  • 71 days until Christmas (yesss)
  • 132 days until my birthday

this is the end of this post so I really hope you enjoyed it. I think I might write more of these costumes ideas as they are quite fun to write. Leave your thoughts in the comments below and I hope you have an amazing day.



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