Conspiracy Theories Part 2

So I really enjoyed writing the first conspiracy theories post and judging by the views (double the amount I had been used to) you people enjoyed it as well. I have decided to make a part 2 because as I have grown more bored I have begun to find this kind of thing easier. I will show you my new found knowledge and yeah.

Another 10 conspiracy theories

  1. After looking these things up on Pinterest I have found so many weird and wonderful theories about life. The first one that caught my eye was suggesting that we could actually breathe in space only the government doesn’t want us to escape therefore they made up the little fact that we can’t breathe in space to avoid us trying. If that was true that may mean that other planets may be habitable and that actually the government knows of aliens and could be transporting themselves to other planets to escape the perhaps inevitable doom that will take place on planet Earth if we don’t do something about all the problems rising.
  2. This one I saw a while ago but it stuck in my head. It was saying that maybe our lives are actually stories written by authors. For example, when you forget what you were going to say that’s the author backspacing. When you feel déjà vu it’s when your author is rewriting that part of your story just with better wording. If you think of it like that then it makes a lot of things make sense. When something really unexpected happens it is a plot twist.
  3. The next one is to do with laundry detergent cups. Apparently, they are 20% higher than they need to be. I’m not sure who worked this one out of why but yeah. Always make sure to fill them 20% lower than the line suggests I guess.
  4. dssgzfhI think the picture explains it for itself so I’m not going to say anything.
  5. Dumbledore may have had a holiday in Narnia.
  6. Everything you have/are/will ever see is a hallucination that is caused by breathing in oxygen and when you stop breathing you end up blacking out, therefore, seeing the reality which is our world.
  7. Breathing oxygen makes our voices go deeper and helium brings them back to normal again.
  8. Neil Armstrong was the first human on the moon and Neil A backwards is alien. Coincidence?
  9. Hillary Clinton is dead and is now being replaced by a body double to continue her campaign
  10. Last but not least there is the conspiracy theory that new technology and gadgets are all going to be one massive ploy into getting us humans to become microchipped and end up having companies run our brains and in the end control our lives. The person who started this theory has written a book where he explains this in more detail.

Anyway, that is it for this week’s post. I am slowly (but surely) getting into the swing of things again and I am now happily balancing real life and this blog in a way I see fit. As I get more used to writing on a computer again these posts will gradually become longer as a result of that. I still want to get another Halloween costumes post up before Halloween and I also have a few other ideas I wish to try out so keep your eyes peeled. I’m still not 100% sure if I can stick to a schedule but I can sure try… when I figure out when I want that to happen. My question for you in the comments is What is the most inventive name you can come up with for this colour?


Right, I quite like this countdown thing I have going on so I am going to continue. As of Wednesday 19th October it is:

  • 11 days until Halloween
  • 66 days until Christmas
  • 127 days until my birthday

So anyway thank you so much for reading and I hope you have an amazing day/night. Bye!!



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6 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theories Part 2

    • Ovieoctopus says:

      Yeah, that’s one of my favourites as although it’s one of the least realistic in a way it could also be right. I saw a picture somewhere where something in the brain looked just like our universe. So our entire universe could be inside someone’s brain and that person would be our author. So maybe the entire harry potter universe is really just it’s inside of J.K.Rowlings brain and there could be a way to get there if we so desired.


  1. Hello says:

    I totally think that that one about chips is going to happen! It will be fine at first and, gradually, everyone will buy one for it’s amazing powers and then voila the rich run the world and control the people.


    • Ovieoctopus says:

      Well, the scary part about that one is that it could actually happen. With some conspiracy theories, you can generally pass them off as something that won’t/can’t happen but the scarier ones that make you think are the ones that are perhaps easier to be imagined. For example, pizza being part of the Illuminati doesn’t really scare me but the fact our brains could all end up being controlled by the rich kinda does.


    • Hello says:

      I actually like that theory! It allows our imagination to become a reality and I love the thought of being able to somehow perform magic or everyone having unique super powers! Imagine being a part of Harry Potter. That’s a fun conspiracy theory!


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