Sweet dreams

Do you ever have dreams? Have you ever thought about how weird they really are?
If you ever get the chance go online and read some about some other people’s weird dreams. I have to say some of them are quite hilarious. But what exactly is a dream you may find yourself wondering. The type of dream I am talking about are the ones that are little stories and perhaps images that our minds have created during sleep. Dreams are often influenced by our day to day lives and can make you feel a range of emotions. There are three main kinds of dream which are nightmares, recurring dreams and lucid dreams.
A nightmare is typically defined as a scary dream however you will be pleased to know they are not very common and only a small minority of people (about 5%) have nightmares once a week. Having a nightmare can be caused by many different factors and some of the factors just can’t be stopped for example illness. 
Recurring dreams are dreams that can happen over and over again. Normally they are more threatening than your average dream.
Lucid dreams are when the dreamer is aware they are dreaming and they can change what will happen in said dream. 
In dreams you may see faces or people. Your brain cannot make people up and therefore every person you see you would have seen before even if you are absolutely sure you have no clue who the person is. 
Dreams could picture something we want them to see, something that may happen in the future or just be entirely random. Another thing that is well worth looking at is zodiac sign meanings. They can either be weirdly spot on or just hilarious. Some of the signs will have a certain type of dream more often than others apparently. I have no clue how real they are but they are just funny to read and perhaps relate with.
In some dreams you could be taken to a far away land where everything is amazing and perfect and you don’t ever want to leave. In other dreams you could be running away from a vicious monster who wants to eat you for breakfast. Or your dream could be something as small as going shopping with your friend and then buying pet buffalo and riding the buffalo into battle with ice cream cones on your foreheads. Whatever your dream you may want to write it down as soon as you wake up because within 10 minutes of waking up 90% of your dream is forgotten just like that. Poof!