My 7 day blog challenge

For months and months, I have been wanting to do a 30/31-day blog challenge however, I have come to realise that at this stage in my life writing that many consecutive blog posts would be near impossible. I would be bound to miss a day and then if I did it in advance that would defeat the point of it. I tried to find something more attainable on the internet… like a 7-day blog challenge. I found some but I didn’t really like the look of them and I knew I would have a lot of trouble doing them in my time limit. Then I had a lightbulb moment. I thought that perhaps I should make one of my own and then I know I would be able to complete it. In the end, that’s what I did and here we are. I wrote them down so a) I could include a picture and b) I wouldn’t forget them (because knowing me I would forget them).

*disclaimer*- I have made this myself and if it is the same as any others then I did not mean to copy and it was completely unintentional.

Like I said I have been wanting to do this for a while but just haven’t had the time. This is one of my new year’s resolutions. To get this thing done in the first week of 2017. 2016 has been fun and all but towards the end of the year blog posts got less and less frequent and that really annoyed me. So, to start the new year off with (hopefully) good intentions I will post one post a day for 7 days.

I got this idea from people that I follow on Instagram. A couple of my friends have been doing 31-day photo challenges on there and I decided that I wanted to do something of the sort on my blog. However, I couldn’t just look up on the internet blog posts on a certain topic the way that you can with photos if you are too busy to do that day’s one. Unfortunately, I would be too busy to do anything on most days so ultimately the entire thing would be a big flop. I don’t want it to be a big flop.

My 7-day blog challenge is as follows:



For me, day 1 will start on January the 1st and it will end January the 7th so keep your eyes peeled for those ones.

Please go ahead and do this challenge: I want to see other people’s posts on this.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day/night. Bye!


It’s Christmas!!!

It’s Christmas!!!

Okay correction it’s Christmas eve at the time of writing but meh who cares?

Everyone I know is getting super excited and pumped up for this special occasion and I have jumped on the bandwagon.

Christmas has to be my favourite time of the year. Santa and all that stuff. Everyone is just generally nicer and more fun to be around. You can feel the Christmas spirit lingering in the air.

The only thing that can dampen my mood right now is the presence of the occasional scrooge as all Christmas feeling just comes shattering down and I am left trying to put the pieces back together with school glue and sticky tape.

Luckily there are few of them around and with everyone’s help the Christmas feeling comes back to life and feels better than ever.

Also, this is the only time of the year I can go down the street dressed as an elf/reindeer/Santa and not get looked at twice. That’s a lie. I went out to town dressed as Rudolph and the amount of people who stared at me the entire time was nerve racking and I disliked it greatly. Although that did make a lot of people smile so I guess in the end it was worth it.

I quite like singing the Christmas carols as well. Going around irritating people my own special way (because if they aren’t annoyed by me the actual Christmas carol I’m singing then they are annoyed by the fact I can’t sing). 🙂 .

You can put a Santa hat on anything and it won’t be considered weird and slightly questionable behaviour it’ll be cute and adorable.

Putting fairy lights everywhere is also not questionable as it is festive and the end result will make whatever look magical.

Going to nativities performed by young children is a socially acceptable way to spend your time.

Eating your body weight in any form of food is fine (my favourite has to be the candy canes). If you eat too much and explode then death by candy cane has to make its way onto the news hasn’t it?!

Sending Christmas cards to everyone you know because CHRISTMAS. Also, Christmas cards are amazing and fun to collect.

-Reasons why I love Christmas

Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a very merry Christmas. Bye!

Random thoughts

Have you ever thought of something so weird and so random you are then left questioning how it came about and in the end you just look like a mad man? Well if you have rest assured you aren’t the only one.

Now I’m a very random person and therefore have very random thoughts. For example, I woke up this morning and the only thing I could think of was triangle Olympics. Upon searching that on google I found that an Olympic triangle is a sailing course. I’m pretty sure whatever was going through my mind at that point was not sailing. Or anything to do with that. In fact, my dream only contained triangles so I am at a loss at where I got the Olympic part from.

I often try to just sit down and think. Get away from the busy world and concentrate on my own thoughts. If I can’t sit I’ll go on a walk. Now this leads to weird conversations in my head. Once I went on a quick 20-minute walk and when I got back I was wondering if snails had secret societies and lives just as complex as our own. I was also wondering if they had conversations in their head just like I did. One thing led to another and a couple hours later I was still pondering this and then the thought of snail spies came into my head and yeah. I put a lot of thought into that seemingly pointless topic. Maybe one day I will have to reason with a snail queen and my poor attempt at understanding their life may save human civilisation. Maybe.

Now again I went on another walk and seeing as it is winter and fairly cold I was scared to see a wasp. This got me wondering about the lives of wasps. Do they mass produce in the winter then huddle in caves to keep warm? Then when it gets warm do they get excited and leave the cave in bulk loads then try and find people to share their excitement with. Then when people get scared and bat them away do they feel betrayed and upset so they go and sting them? Is that why wasps sting us? What is a wasps purpose and can we all find their secret cave and tell them we are sorry in wasp language? Do wasps speak to each other and if so how? These all need to be answered.

I’ve decided to include some other people most random thoughts because I am curious therefore I consulted my friends in our handy group chat to get some answers to the following question:

“What is the most random thing that you have ever thought?” (That could have been worded better).

These were the responses I received:

Friend no.1 – “um…” “Why can’t we fly” “I want to be a unicorn” “*multiple unicorn emoji’s*”

Friend no.2 – “It would take a long time to explain” “You turned into a broken lipstick” The story behind it goes as follows “I had a superpower in a zombie apocalypse. I could turn people into weapons and back to normal. Most of my friends were missing or dead. The author of this”(aka me the person writing this for you to read)” was with me and we were stuck in a corner about to die. I’d never transformed the author before. She could be a sword or a handgun but oh no the author had to be awkward and so they transformed into a broken lipstick. I picked her up, sighed and changed her back to normal. There was a massive hole in the ceiling and I jumped through it grabbing the author and we lived.”

That worked out well. I turned into a broken lipstick. Great.

I miss the countdown thing I had going on for a while so we’ll have a Christmas one shall we.

As of Monday 19th December, it is 6 days until Christmas. Just in case you didn’t know.

What is your most random thought? Please leave it in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely day/night.


Wait is time travel possible?

When we were younger I am sure most of us put a great deal of thought into time travel. Or at least I put a great deal of thought into it. That thought process never went very far and it was always most thought about after I had done something I deemed to be embarrassing.

Recently I have been reading a book (yes another one) that was slightly edging towards a scientific theory about time travel. Specifically the future. When this theory made sense it occurred to me that perhaps the author wasn’t making it up and that it could actually be right. Then with a quick google I learnt that the outline was pretty much correct. That then persuaded me to dig deeper and I have discovered loads about the topic.

So apparently time travel to the future is possible. The only downside (if you can call it a downside) is that you can’t return or at least we can’t think of a way in which you would be able to return. The news article I was reading was saying something along the lines of that we had all been doing little time travels without noticing. Anyway the bit I was most interested in was the theory part of it. It is as follows. Theoretically, if you were moving really fast (as in close to the speed of light fast) time would be slower for you than it would be for someone who was just standing still. Seeing as time is slower for that person when they finally stop moving they would be thinking that it had only been lets say a year (which it has been for them) whilst the person standing still would be thinking it had been lets say 30 years (which is also has been for them). Therefore the person who was standing still would have aged more than the person who had been moving and they would have in effect time travelled. Of course there is no way for them to get back as they can’t exactly move backwards as they would still be moving and would just be moving into the future even more. So yeah we can go see the future pretty easily as soon as we invent a machine that can take us fast enough to get there. And then afterwards we need to be able to mass produce the machine presuming they are a one time thing.

Anyway all this talk got me thinking is there a way to go to the past. Now the news article that is talking about the future says the only place you can go is the future however after doing my research there is a way to get to the past however, it is just theoretical and there is no way that we could test this out at this moment in time due to the lack of technology. The way to get to the past is quite simple really but completely different to the future and a whole lot less reliable. In fact I am fairly certain there is no way for us to decide what time we are going back to and it is completely random. The method that should theoretically work is that if we went into a black hole (yes a black hole) then it would supposedly spit us back out into an alternate universe much the same as ours however in a completely different time. You’d be sent to some random point in the past. You could then probably land your machine used and go and pretend you are aliens from mars to the ignorant people on Earth who have never seen anything like it before. If you went back to fix a past mistake (for example lets say I went back in time to stop me from getting born) then even if you succeeded you would only not exist in that alternate world and the earth we actually live on will be unaltered. Which kinda defeats the purpose. Oh well.

So yes time travel is possible but at the moment it is just theoretical.Perhaps one day we will all be whizzing to the future non stop then jumping in a black hole and hoping you don’t get taken to a time when the black plague was at its peak.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day/night.


Soulmates and do they exist?

The books I have been reading recently have been edging towards the theory of soulmates. Except, the one I am reading at the moment. that one is about giant mutant bedbugs (or at least I think it is… it is written in teenage boy slang and I can’t understand half of what the narrator is saying).  Soulmates are when two people are destined to be together. I quite like that idea and have been looking at things about them on purpose really. Apart from when I was looking at mutant bed bugs and thought they would be a good choice.

This got me thinking can there really be only one person for us? Can we all have that one person who we think is perfect in every way and we want to spend our entire lives with them? Do our soulmates have to be actual humans or can they be inanimate objects? Can our soulmate be food or a tree/plant? What exactly defines a soulmate? How would we know when we found them?

These are all highly relevant questions and ones I think we should definitely be able to get some answers to although it’s highly unlikely that we will. Everyone is different so we all have different tastes when it comes to finding a partner. We all may have a list of characteristics that a person must have in order for us to be attracted to them. That list will get bigger the older you get as you will have more experience in dating and furthermore will be able to fine tune your likes and dislikes down to very precise things. For example, it could be like the fact that they will have to eat a certain way or have a certain type of eyebrow. I don’t know it is different for everyone and who am I to judge. I have a list that will be just as if not more weird than yours so I can’t say anything. All that is important is that we have that list. Surely there can be more than  one person in the world with that set of characteristics can’t there? I mean obviously they will have more characteristics than what are on that list but surely several people will have your preferred traits about them in the entire world.  So that could perhaps defeat the purpose of a soulmate. However, those extra traits could make it or break it really couldn’t it. Maybe out of all the extra traits you could only deal with one person’s leaving that single person as your soulmate.

So it all seems to be going jolly you have found your supposed soul mate. However, this relationship can’t be one way, can it? So let’s see if they like all of your traits. Hmm, you aren’t exactly their type. Oh dear! Right back to the drawing board. Let’s say there was three people in the world with traits you like. The one you originally thought was perfect is gone seeing as they aren’t really interested in you. After you have gotten over the dramatic ordeal we look at the other two. Both of which had extra traits that you weren’t exactly fond of. You pick the lesser of the two evils and try a date with this one. Fortunately for you, this one thinks of you as perfect in every way and you are exactly his type.After a couple of dates, you realise that the traits you didn’t like turned out to be quite good and you have now got new things to put on your list. Not that you need it anymore as you are certain you have found the one. Your soulmate. 4 years later that person is now married to you and you are busy having a discussion about having children in the living room. You have your back to the window whilst they are facing it. You see their eyes staring at something behind you and then watch them go wide. You hear the smashing of glass and you spin around to see a familiar face. The last person who you may have dated but turned down to be with this person. They have fire in their eyes and with the quick bang of a gun, your soulmate is dead. They realise what they have done and then commit suicide in front of you.You are now left with a soulmate and a maniac both of which are dead. Oops.

I have a feeling that soulmates probably do exist and for some people they may or may not be inanimate objects. However, I have no idea how we will know when we met them because there really isn’t a way is there.

Anyway, that is enough thinking for tonight. Leave any thoughts in the comments. I will be interested to hear them. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day/night.


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