Book Recommendations


They can be an interesting topic no matter who you are.

Even if you say you don’t read you must have read at least one or two books in your life.

Some books take you to different lands where you meet mystical creatures and go on magical adventures.

Others take you into a haunted mansion with creaky doors and shadows that are alive.

They all have a purpose. Even if that purpose is to make you think what the hell am I doing here reading this book.

They either entertain you, make you laugh or make you cry. They could be trying to make you scared out of your mind. They could be feeding you facts without you knowing it or you could be aware of the facts that you are in taking.

The purpose of a book (in my opinion) is to make you want to read just one more page even when you know you shouldn’t. To make you feel something or other whilst/after reading it. To add to your vocabulary.

Talking about the purpose of books is not the purpose of this blog post though so I shall refrain myself from going to deep into that. The purpose of this blog post is to tell you what books I have been loving over the last week or so.

You shouldn’t know that I have been going to the library nearly every day recently (if you do know then hello friends) because I have been taking and finishing a book every day. The librarians must be sick of my face by now.

I have always like reading (if you haven’t guessed) and I have re discovered my passion for it recently. Some of the books I have been reading I have kind of enjoyed but couldn’t wait to get to the end. Those ones never truly captivated me. Others I got sad when I finished because they were written so well and that made get lost in the book. I felt like I was there with the main characters.

After a lot of experience, I can tell you my favourite books that I have been reading recently.

Here are my top 5 books I’ve been reading recently(ish):

  1. Girl missing series by Sophie McKenzie – There is three books in the series and I really enjoyed all three. The first one was my favourite out of the three. The second was my least favourite as I felt it copied the first one too much for my liking and I could have guessed quite a lot of the main plot. Although the ending was truly spectacular and I really enjoyed it. It was quite unexpected and I loved it. The first two books are kind of merging into one in my head but the third stands out quite clear. The story line was pretty much completely different but it kept all the same characters. The only thing that links all three together apart from the characters is the idea of kidnapping. The first one is about a girl who got adopted at a young age and wanted to find her birth parents. She discovered she was kidnapped when she was little so how will she ever find her birth parents? I refuse to give any more spoilers so you must read the book. The second (sister missing) is about how her sister got kidnapped and her journey to find her sister. Who can she trust?? I know, but do you? The last one (missing me) is from the sister’s viewpoint and it is about finding her birth father. When she finds him, what will happen? They are all good and keep you wanting to turn over the page and read it. If you don’t read them, you have missed out on something truly great.
  2. Just like tomorrow by Faiza Guene – This is almost like a diary of a French girl. I think it was originally written in French but somebody translated it (I’m not smart enough to read a book in French). It is made interesting by words (funnily enough) and I was interested until the very end. It talks about fate and what happens in your life happens for a reason (I think). I really enjoyed reading this book as it made me think that if I ever have a day/week/month/year of bad luck a good thing may come out of it (hopefully). So yes, another definite read.
  3. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell- I read this one quite recently and it has inspired me to write as much as I possibly can. Even 24 hours after finishing. It is about twins called Cath and Wren who have stuck together their whole lives and now they are moving into university Wren wants to go off to party and be social whilst Cath would rather write her fanfiction and not head out at all. You then followed them around. My description doesn’t make it sound very interesting but it honestly is a good book (I promise). There are some things that you can kind of tell are going to happen from the beginning and then there are other things that come as a complete shock to you. Like you never would have anticipated that in a million years. It is certainly a page turner and that made it hard to put it down when I should have been going to bed. I needed a bit of sleep. This book took me longer to read than most books and even though I am a very fast reader (I read a decent sized book a day for an entire week and a half) it took me 24 hours (although I was sleeping for a large portion of that). I found that I could relate a lot to the main character (Cath) as we both enjoy writing and we both are massive fangirls (I fangirl over a variety of things, however, I have never written a fanfiction). I am also very anti-social and would rather stay up in my room on the internet than go outside and socialise with other humans. Anyway, I found this book to be very inspiring and has also persuaded me to check out some of the other books written by the author as I quite like her work.
  4. Paperweight by Meg Haston- This book really spoke to me and opened me up to some more issues of the world that I beforehand had no experience of. The main character is a girl named Stevie (short for Stephanie) is in a treatment centre because she has anorexia/bulimia. The book is about her thoughts and feelings whilst people all around her try to make sure she gets better. There were several plot twists in the book which I guess I could have perhaps anticipated but didn’t and they, therefore, came as a shock to the system. However, I read most of the book in one sitting and didn’t really have time to mull things over and make sense of the information I was reading. I think (although I have no experience with this) that the author got her feelings pretty much spot on as she was recovering from her dramatic backstory the way I would expect her to whilst trying to stop herself from getting better which I also somewhat expected. At some parts, I was unable to carry on reading as I was feeling slightly overemotional and physically couldn’t read the words on the page because I was crying that much. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and have recommended it to all my friends when they have asked me about any books that would make them cry.
  5. All the bright places by Jennifer Niven- This is the most recent book I have read at the time of writing. One of the reasons I started reading this one in the first place was when I recognised that someone had talked about it before (can’t remember who) and was singing its praises. So, I thought why not borrow it from the library and see if it is any good and it turns out I was obsessed for all of 24 hours. It is about a guy called Theodore Finch and a girl called Violet Markey. He is very suicidal whilst she is recovering from dramatic past events that I couldn’t imagine having to deal with that amount of stress. Again, like paperweight it made me cry uncontrollably and I was having to dry my eyes every two seconds which got annoying after the first 5 minutes but it was so well written and so good at making me cry that I couldn’t stay annoyed for long. Only unlike paperweight, it wasn’t too much for me to stop reading mainly because I was really near the end and I didn’t want to stop. Theodore is a funny, loveable and quirky (in a good way) and he makes the book so much livelier and different to all the rest of the books that are love stories. I really want to read more books from this author and will be looking at getting some soon. If you have any suggestions for books please leave them in the comments. I am running out of books to read.


Thanks for reading this longish post and I hope that I have inspired you to either just read more often or perhaps read some of these books that I have mentioned.


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