Soulmates and do they exist?

The books I have been reading recently have been edging towards the theory of soulmates. Except, the one I am reading at the moment. that one is about giant mutant bedbugs (or at least I think it is… it is written in teenage boy slang and I can’t understand half of what the narrator is saying).  Soulmates are when two people are destined to be together. I quite like that idea and have been looking at things about them on purpose really. Apart from when I was looking at mutant bed bugs and thought they would be a good choice.

This got me thinking can there really be only one person for us? Can we all have that one person who we think is perfect in every way and we want to spend our entire lives with them? Do our soulmates have to be actual humans or can they be inanimate objects? Can our soulmate be food or a tree/plant? What exactly defines a soulmate? How would we know when we found them?

These are all highly relevant questions and ones I think we should definitely be able to get some answers to although it’s highly unlikely that we will. Everyone is different so we all have different tastes when it comes to finding a partner. We all may have a list of characteristics that a person must have in order for us to be attracted to them. That list will get bigger the older you get as you will have more experience in dating and furthermore will be able to fine tune your likes and dislikes down to very precise things. For example, it could be like the fact that they will have to eat a certain way or have a certain type of eyebrow. I don’t know it is different for everyone and who am I to judge. I have a list that will be just as if not more weird than yours so I can’t say anything. All that is important is that we have that list. Surely there can be more than  one person in the world with that set of characteristics can’t there? I mean obviously they will have more characteristics than what are on that list but surely several people will have your preferred traits about them in the entire world.  So that could perhaps defeat the purpose of a soulmate. However, those extra traits could make it or break it really couldn’t it. Maybe out of all the extra traits you could only deal with one person’s leaving that single person as your soulmate.

So it all seems to be going jolly you have found your supposed soul mate. However, this relationship can’t be one way, can it? So let’s see if they like all of your traits. Hmm, you aren’t exactly their type. Oh dear! Right back to the drawing board. Let’s say there was three people in the world with traits you like. The one you originally thought was perfect is gone seeing as they aren’t really interested in you. After you have gotten over the dramatic ordeal we look at the other two. Both of which had extra traits that you weren’t exactly fond of. You pick the lesser of the two evils and try a date with this one. Fortunately for you, this one thinks of you as perfect in every way and you are exactly his type.After a couple of dates, you realise that the traits you didn’t like turned out to be quite good and you have now got new things to put on your list. Not that you need it anymore as you are certain you have found the one. Your soulmate. 4 years later that person is now married to you and you are busy having a discussion about having children in the living room. You have your back to the window whilst they are facing it. You see their eyes staring at something behind you and then watch them go wide. You hear the smashing of glass and you spin around to see a familiar face. The last person who you may have dated but turned down to be with this person. They have fire in their eyes and with the quick bang of a gun, your soulmate is dead. They realise what they have done and then commit suicide in front of you.You are now left with a soulmate and a maniac both of which are dead. Oops.

I have a feeling that soulmates probably do exist and for some people they may or may not be inanimate objects. However, I have no idea how we will know when we met them because there really isn’t a way is there.

Anyway, that is enough thinking for tonight. Leave any thoughts in the comments. I will be interested to hear them. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day/night.


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