Wait is time travel possible?

When we were younger I am sure most of us put a great deal of thought into time travel. Or at least I put a great deal of thought into it. That thought process never went very far and it was always most thought about after I had done something I deemed to be embarrassing.

Recently I have been reading a book (yes another one) that was slightly edging towards a scientific theory about time travel. Specifically the future. When this theory made sense it occurred to me that perhaps the author wasn’t making it up and that it could actually be right. Then with a quick google I learnt that the outline was pretty much correct. That then persuaded me to dig deeper and I have discovered loads about the topic.

So apparently time travel to the future is possible. The only downside (if you can call it a downside) is that you can’t return or at least we can’t think of a way in which you would be able to return. The news article I was reading was saying something along the lines of that we had all been doing little time travels without noticing. Anyway the bit I was most interested in was the theory part of it. It is as follows. Theoretically, if you were moving really fast (as in close to the speed of light fast) time would be slower for you than it would be for someone who was just standing still. Seeing as time is slower for that person when they finally stop moving they would be thinking that it had only been lets say a year (which it has been for them) whilst the person standing still would be thinking it had been lets say 30 years (which is also has been for them). Therefore the person who was standing still would have aged more than the person who had been moving and they would have in effect time travelled. Of course there is no way for them to get back as they can’t exactly move backwards as they would still be moving and would just be moving into the future even more. So yeah we can go see the future pretty easily as soon as we invent a machine that can take us fast enough to get there. And then afterwards we need to be able to mass produce the machine presuming they are a one time thing.

Anyway all this talk got me thinking is there a way to go to the past. Now the news article that is talking about the future says the only place you can go is the future however after doing my research there is a way to get to the past however, it is just theoretical and there is no way that we could test this out at this moment in time due to the lack of technology. The way to get to the past is quite simple really but completely different to the future and a whole lot less reliable. In fact I am fairly certain there is no way for us to decide what time we are going back to and it is completely random. The method that should theoretically work is that if we went into a black hole (yes a black hole) then it would supposedly spit us back out into an alternate universe much the same as ours however in a completely different time. You’d be sent to some random point in the past. You could then probably land your machine used and go and pretend you are aliens from mars to the ignorant people on Earth who have never seen anything like it before. If you went back to fix a past mistake (for example lets say I went back in time to stop me from getting born) then even if you succeeded you would only not exist in that alternate world and the earth we actually live on will be unaltered. Which kinda defeats the purpose. Oh well.

So yes time travel is possible but at the moment it is just theoretical.Perhaps one day we will all be whizzing to the future non stop then jumping in a black hole and hoping you don’t get taken to a time when the black plague was at its peak.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day/night.


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