Random thoughts

Have you ever thought of something so weird and so random you are then left questioning how it came about and in the end you just look like a mad man? Well if you have rest assured you aren’t the only one.

Now I’m a very random person and therefore have very random thoughts. For example, I woke up this morning and the only thing I could think of was triangle Olympics. Upon searching that on google I found that an Olympic triangle is a sailing course. I’m pretty sure whatever was going through my mind at that point was not sailing. Or anything to do with that. In fact, my dream only contained triangles so I am at a loss at where I got the Olympic part from.

I often try to just sit down and think. Get away from the busy world and concentrate on my own thoughts. If I can’t sit I’ll go on a walk. Now this leads to weird conversations in my head. Once I went on a quick 20-minute walk and when I got back I was wondering if snails had secret societies and lives just as complex as our own. I was also wondering if they had conversations in their head just like I did. One thing led to another and a couple hours later I was still pondering this and then the thought of snail spies came into my head and yeah. I put a lot of thought into that seemingly pointless topic. Maybe one day I will have to reason with a snail queen and my poor attempt at understanding their life may save human civilisation. Maybe.

Now again I went on another walk and seeing as it is winter and fairly cold I was scared to see a wasp. This got me wondering about the lives of wasps. Do they mass produce in the winter then huddle in caves to keep warm? Then when it gets warm do they get excited and leave the cave in bulk loads then try and find people to share their excitement with. Then when people get scared and bat them away do they feel betrayed and upset so they go and sting them? Is that why wasps sting us? What is a wasps purpose and can we all find their secret cave and tell them we are sorry in wasp language? Do wasps speak to each other and if so how? These all need to be answered.

I’ve decided to include some other people most random thoughts because I am curious therefore I consulted my friends in our handy group chat to get some answers to the following question:

“What is the most random thing that you have ever thought?” (That could have been worded better).

These were the responses I received:

Friend no.1 – “um…” “Why can’t we fly” “I want to be a unicorn” “*multiple unicorn emoji’s*”

Friend no.2 – “It would take a long time to explain” “You turned into a broken lipstick” The story behind it goes as follows “I had a superpower in a zombie apocalypse. I could turn people into weapons and back to normal. Most of my friends were missing or dead. The author of this”(aka me the person writing this for you to read)” was with me and we were stuck in a corner about to die. I’d never transformed the author before. She could be a sword or a handgun but oh no the author had to be awkward and so they transformed into a broken lipstick. I picked her up, sighed and changed her back to normal. There was a massive hole in the ceiling and I jumped through it grabbing the author and we lived.”

That worked out well. I turned into a broken lipstick. Great.

I miss the countdown thing I had going on for a while so we’ll have a Christmas one shall we.

As of Monday 19th December, it is 6 days until Christmas. Just in case you didn’t know.

What is your most random thought? Please leave it in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely day/night.


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