Typical day in my life – day 6

For the record, this is what I do on the weekend and not the weekdays because for me weekdays are pretty boring and I know that I certainly wouldn’t want to write about my typical weekday because I would get sad.

If you are at all discombobulated right now about what this post could be about it’s a typical day in my life. If you are discombobulated about why I am writing about that click here and that should explain (no promises, though). After clicking that little link, I would strongly advise you come back here and read this post with your new-found knowledge and embrace this post fully. If you enjoyed this post, then you will be pleased to know that there are another 5 posts a bit like this in the sense that they all are part of my 7-day blog challenge. You should also be mildly upset that because it is day 6 there is only one more after this and then all my posts will go back to normal (or as normal as they will ever get).

So, typical Saturday we will go with. I also find Sunday’s sad because Monday is looming over it like a strict teacher and that’s upsetting.

On a Saturday I will end up accidently waking up really early and then make a half attempt to go back to sleep. Once I realise going to sleep again is way too unlike me and that my brain is now too wired to go back to sleep I admit defeat and groggily flounder downstairs to the kitchen.

Breakfast will consist of some form of cereal drowned in milk and me with a notepad and pen trying to think of ideas for anything. Anything. Just because I find it hard to think in the mornings and I need to make myself think if I am to accomplish anything that day.

After I feel much more energised and ready to face the world I joyfully trudge upstairs again to have a shower and get dressed. Makeup is always done but minimal because I’m in that mood at the moment so that’s what I go with.

Right, guys, this is the most exciting bit okay brace yourselves. For pretty much the rest of the day I (drumroll please) read. For pretty much the entire day. Read. And listen to music. With occasional stops to eat because eating is important to stay alive. There is a chance I would write a bit of a blog post but I like reading and listening to music so there isn’t really time. Over the week I gather a range of books to read and if I haven’t finished them in the week I take the time to finish them whilst slowly distancing myself from society which suits me fine.

Then I take off my virtually pointless makeup and then fall asleep.

I have a really exciting life.

Unfortunately, that’s as exciting as my life gets so who knew this would be one of the shorter posts of this little challenge. Not me that’s for sure.

So, moving swiftly on. Thank you so much for reading this post (albeit a little short) and I hope you have a good day/night.


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