Your hopes for your blog – day 7

This is it. This is the last day. Day 7 will be accomplished at the end of this post. I have survived. I am alive. I haven’t managed to miss a day. I haven’t failed. I have seriously impressed myself. I really thought I would give up halfway through. This has disabled me to write other posts that other bloggers have posted such as New Year resolutions and things like that, but I prefer not to follow the crowd and I now know what it feels like to post on consecutive days, which may help me in the future if I ever want to post every day (but we both know the day I decide to post every day for longer than 7 days is the day I go to a mental hospital). I am way too lazy.

If you haven’t been to my blog before and you are slightly weirded out, then I don’t blame you. You’ve landed at the end of my post extravaganza and I am clutching at straws here. The normal façade that I hide behind (you know the one that makes me look like a slightly normal person so I don’t get too embarrassed) has been worn away because I’ve posted too much. An explanation for why this post currently exists is here so please click on that little link and it will take you to a magical land in which I wasn’t prepared for this monster to attack me and I was a peaceful human. I don’t know what I am saying. This probably doesn’t make any sense. I’ll explain it simply. That link takes you somewhere where this should all be explained. After the link has cleared some of the fog in your head then reading this post may be advisable seeing as you have already dived head first into it now and the cliffhanger may kill you. It’s a steep cliff alright.  And there are pointy sticks at the bottom. They will prod you to death. Oh no. There’s also other days. You should read them as well. I can’t promise that they aren’t as weird as this one though…

Today’s subject is my hopes for this blog and I have kind of accidently represented one of my hopes already. I hope it always keeps its style and doesn’t get shaped by anyone else because I like it the way I have it now. By that I mean I hope that my writing doesn’t get more formal and normal and blends into the background more because that wouldn’t make it mine. I never have blended into the background unless I have wanted to. I’ve never wanted to be popular. The thought of it always has scared me as there is suddenly more pressure to be perfect and I can tell you right now I’m as far from perfect as I could be. Being popular comes with expectations that I could never meet so I always kept my head down with certain things. However, with other things (like expressing my love for Christmas) I will jump out my hole and annoy everyone. All the compressed weirdness from my day to day life shines through in this blog and that is what I will always want it to be. So the thought of this blog becoming normal petrifies me.

Other than that, I don’t really know what else I want this blog to be. Everything that has come with me posting things my brain has thought of has been an added bonus that I am so grateful for it’s unreal. You’d expect things like “I want more follows” or “I want more likes” but again I’m not too fussed. Not that I don’t appreciate it and I’m not against them whatsoever but it’s like what I said earlier about not wanting to be popular. Popular comes with expectations that I can’t meet. Or at least I can’t meet them yet. At this stage in my life. I think I’ll write about this next year and see if it’s any different because I’m now curious.

Anyway, this is the end of my small journey. I have started the year off with more posts than I would have managed to make in probably 4 months going on my previous schedule for uploading. This should leave me with good intentions and relief that I don’t have to do this again tomorrow. I can finally rest and not panic at night thinking that I haven’t written a post for that day. Because that has happened. Multiple times. In the same night.

If you have stuck with me all this week I would like to thank you. If you haven’t and you are reading this in 2020 then hi has teleportation been invented yet? Why am I asking that? If I’m alive to read that someone has put in the comments saying that teleportation has been invented, then I should already know because that is big news and I would want to know. I’m not smart.

Moving on…

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you have a really good day/night.


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