M&M’s World – London Day 1

Recently I paid a visit to the capital of England – London. I have been before but I was very young and all I remember is my little brother getting scared at the moving dinosaur at the natural history museum. This time around I am positive more happy and joyful memories have been formed. Ones that will last me a lifetime.

However, my memory is a bit weird in the sense that the only thing I really seem to remember is song lyrics. I kept that in mind as I walked around and decided the best way to preserve this beautiful place is through photographs. So that’s what I did. I also thought that I should share some of these pictures with you guys. So that’s what I did.


Massive hippo statue thing




The moving T-Rex


A small section of the walls of M&M’s


Cuddly toy


The bag


Another cuddly toy


Some gifts you could buy for yourself or others


Some random street I thought looked nice


T-Rex head


A painting of the dinosaurs


Skeleton hanging from the ceiling

Hope you liked the pictures. There will be another one of these because I was in London for more than one day. However, after that posts will return to normal. And by normal, I mean infrequent random posts that shock everyone when they finally get posted. I am so sorry that I am really lazy (and busy) and I promise that I will post a LOT more in the next couple of months.

Thank you so much for reading/looking at this post and I hope you have a lovely day/night.


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