Watching – part 1

I feel like someone’s watching me. It’s stupid of course. I’m home alone every Friday night after school until 9 o’clock and this feeling hasn’t existed up until now. I have an eerie feeling, something is chilling me to the core. This paranoia is scaring me, it’s irrational and childish yet still, something drives me to wrap my blanket around me a little bit tighter.

There. In the reflection of the window. Something darted out of sight as I looked up from my phone for the briefest of moments. I feel the colour drain from my face as I hear the faintest snigger.

I span on my heel to be greeted with familiar yellow eyes. Kara, the family cat, is sitting there with my brother’s sound effect machine and with another push of a button a fart sound filled the room.

I take the machine away whilst silently cursing myself for getting scared over such a trivial matter. Of course, it was the cat. “How could I have been so silly,” I ask the room. “No idea” replies the darkness.

Feeling my heart fall to my feet, I followed my first instinct and sprinted out the house. Still clutching my phone in my trembling hand, I check the time – 19:16pm. Is this all in my head? Regardless, I don’t want to be in that house. But without any evidence, it can’t be worth troubling the police?

No. I am firm in my belief that I can deal with this alone. I don’t need anyone else. The last thing I want is for the cops to come over here with guns blazing only to discover that the supposed intruder has escaped or worse, never existed. Kara is nowhere to be seen and my best guess is that she is still inside the living room with the stranger. No. I never saw anything or anyone. There is no proof that they were even there other than the voice I thought I heard. Convincing myself I was just out for a stroll, I made my way down the, thankfully, lamppost heavy street.

Hope you liked this. As a Halloween special me and Elle (changed names sorry about that) are in the process of writing this story. Other parts will be following so stay tuned. Let us know whether or not you are enjoying this in the comments and have a wonderful day/night.


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