Your hopes for your blog – day 7

This is it. This is the last day. Day 7 will be accomplished at the end of this post. I have survived. I am alive. I haven’t managed to miss a day. I haven’t failed. I have seriously impressed myself. I really thought I would give up halfway through. Continue reading


Typical day in my life – day 6

For the record, this is what I do on the weekend and not the weekdays because for me weekdays are pretty boring and I know that I certainly wouldn’t want to write about my typical weekday because I would get sad.

If you are at all discombobulated right now about what this post could be about it’s a typical day in my life. If you are discombobulated about why I am writing about that click here and that should explain (no promises, though). After clicking that little link, I would strongly advise you come back here and read this post with your new-found knowledge and embrace this post fully. If you enjoyed this post, then you will be pleased to know that there are another 5 posts a bit like this in the sense that they all are part of my 7-day blog challenge. You should also be mildly upset that because it is day 6 there is only one more after this and then all my posts will go back to normal (or as normal as they will ever get).

So, typical Saturday we will go with. I also find Sunday’s sad because Monday is looming over it like a strict teacher and that’s upsetting.

On a Saturday I will end up accidently waking up really early and then make a half attempt to go back to sleep. Once I realise going to sleep again is way too unlike me and that my brain is now too wired to go back to sleep I admit defeat and groggily flounder downstairs to the kitchen.

Breakfast will consist of some form of cereal drowned in milk and me with a notepad and pen trying to think of ideas for anything. Anything. Just because I find it hard to think in the mornings and I need to make myself think if I am to accomplish anything that day.

After I feel much more energised and ready to face the world I joyfully trudge upstairs again to have a shower and get dressed. Makeup is always done but minimal because I’m in that mood at the moment so that’s what I go with.

Right, guys, this is the most exciting bit okay brace yourselves. For pretty much the rest of the day I (drumroll please) read. For pretty much the entire day. Read. And listen to music. With occasional stops to eat because eating is important to stay alive. There is a chance I would write a bit of a blog post but I like reading and listening to music so there isn’t really time. Over the week I gather a range of books to read and if I haven’t finished them in the week I take the time to finish them whilst slowly distancing myself from society which suits me fine.

Then I take off my virtually pointless makeup and then fall asleep.

I have a really exciting life.

Unfortunately, that’s as exciting as my life gets so who knew this would be one of the shorter posts of this little challenge. Not me that’s for sure.

So, moving swiftly on. Thank you so much for reading this post (albeit a little short) and I hope you have a good day/night.

Favourite quote and why – day 5

Day 5, we are nearly done. I realised yesterday that today’s post might not be that long due to the fact there is only the one and I am not that good at describing songs so let’s hope I am better at describing quotes or we are in for a short post aren’t we. Continue reading


My 7-day blog challenge – day 4 – Favourite song at the moment

I am addicted to music and I think you should know this. Also if you don’t understand this post and what I am doing please click here for some info on this. Then come back and read this post then please take some time to read the previous day’s posts because why not you are already here on this website so you might as well. Continue reading


My 7-day blog Challenge – day 3 – What’s in your bag?

This is day 3 of my 7-day blog challenge. If you don’t know what I am talking about click here. Then read this and after the previous two days will be waiting for you. Get reading!

I have no clue why but I really watching/reading about what people have in their bags. Probably because I am nosey and I also want ideas of things to stuff my bag with. Then I also don’t want it to be that heavy so I look for miniature versions of the exact same thing. But I haven’t got much in there so this won’t be long (sorry). Anyway…

Firstly, my bag is the backpack from the Zoella lifestyle range. It looks adorable and it’s quite big really but doesn’t really look like it from the outside. I was quite surprised that I could get all my stuff in there with ease. It is a really pretty light grey colour and I am in love with it. I am also a big fan of backpacks at the moment (which is lucky) so it works quite well with my mood.

I have an excessive amount of lip balms in there for some reason. I never use them. I always have several in my pocket. People wonder why but this Christmas I got 7 lip balms and that happens nearly very big event. I can’t use one up in a year so my collection just grows and grows. Not to mention that I buy myself way too many as well. So, the ones that I have in there at the moment (it changes regularly) and the Maybelline New York baby lips cherry me (I love this one: it smells amazing) and the Zoella kissy missy lip balm. If I actually remember they are in there I wear them at the same time and I quite like that look (I like them both separately as well). Should you have the chance to do it take it.

The next thing in there is a roll-on perfume which I think (but I have no clue if it is or not) is from Primark. It is called Coachella 05 and smells florally. I prefer the roll-on ones as opposed to the big glass bottle with a spray thingy seeing as I can control how much I want because sometimes one spray is not enough but two is too much and that annoys me. Also, the bottle is much smaller with the roll on ones so it takes up less space in my bag and they are lighter and because I am lazy and do not want to be lugging around a heavy bag with me all day with a perhaps explosive perfume in my backpack.

Then there’s my purse which is pretty run of the mill. It carries my money and that’s all it really needs to do. It’s supposed to carry my money not spend it for me. I can’t remember where I got it from but all I know is that it is better than a plastic bag. And it doesn’t really look that bad so it can look cute whilst protecting my money from potential perfume explosions.

Finally, there is the stupid amount of receipts that have been shoved down there that I have no idea when they were even received or what they are doing there or why I even brought the things labelled on them.

So, that is it. My bag. I said there wasn’t much. But I am constantly on the lookout for more things (that are preferably quite small) to shove in there so please add your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below. Sorry, this is a bit late tonight but I was a little busy today. And hey it went up so everything is fine.

Thank you so much for reading day 3 of my 7-day blog challenge and I hope you have a wonderful day/night. Bye!


7-day blog challenge – day 2 – 5 likes and dislikes

Hello, and welcome to day 2 of my 7-day blogging challenge. I am pumped up and ready to go.

So, for all you people who have no idea what I am talking about please click here to see a post explaining what this is and why I am doing it. Then come back and read this post and then after that you should go read day 1. However, these aren’t really connected so they can be read in any order.

Today’s post is on my top 5 likes and dislikes. You can’t tell much about a person from their likes and dislikes other than what they like and dislike. In that sense, it may seem a bit pointless but that is what I have down for today and there is no stopping me now.

I think I will start by talking about the negatives so we can end on a positive. These are my top 5 dislikes:

  • Wasps – I have no idea why they exist but they do and that just really annoys me. Not that I have ever been stung by one but the fear of being stung by one scares me greatly and I hate going outside in summer because of it.
  • Summer – Not because of the heat surprisingly but more because of the high pollen count and the fact I have to live off hay fever tablets in order to not have tears running down my face and to me sneezing every two seconds.
  • Slow Wi-Fi – Slow Wi-Fi is very frustrating because it’s either loading really slowly or not at all and our generation lives off Wi-Fi connection, therefore, I stop functioning when Wi-Fi stops. I could do something productive like go for a walk or read a book or even go for a nap but no I just sit in a corner looking miserable whilst staring at the little Wi-Fi symbol silently begging it to go up.
  • Slow walkers – I am a very quick walker. Mainly because I leave late and have to practically sprint to make sure I am somewhere on time. So, when other people don’t have the same sense of urgency that I have I get annoyed and start to think of all the ways I could annoy the person who is walking slow whilst also working out how I can overtake them and when would be the best time to do so. It’s a stressful business walking behind slow people. It’s equally annoying when the person you are walking with is a slow walker and you are forced to walk at their pace so as not to make them jog around after you.
  • Early mornings – I don’t understand people who can be cheerful at 6 in the morning. I just don’t. I can wake up at 6 in the morning easily but being happy about it is a completely different topic (and pretty much impossible in my case). Except for this morning. I think I have had so little sleep I’m in a stage where everything is fun and happy and I just can’t tell the difference anymore.

And now I am feeling all sad and down here are my top 5 likes:

  • Friends – No matter how much I dislike people I still wouldn’t want to live in a world without my friends. I couldn’t imagine the world without my friends. I wouldn’t want to imagine the world without my friends. I doubt anyone would.
  • Scented candles – I love scented candles. They make me feel all warm and Christmassy on the inside and sometimes that’s all I need to make me feel happy again. Just that feeling of comfort and home. Also, they make your room smell lovely which is always a bonus really.
  • Christmas – Specifically the build up to Christmas. Christmas day is good and all but the build-up is best really. Everyone has wrapped up warm and bustling around. Houses are brightly lit and people are generally more giving. Also, the presents and the chocolate a day and all of that. Again, that sense of comfort and warmth just helps me feel happy if I am sad.
  • Crunchy autumn leaves – You can almost notice a pattern here seeing as nearly everything on this list I have said makes me feel happy inside and comforted.
  • Twenty-One Pilots – I can just relate to their songs and they cover literally all genres of music. There will be at least one song of theirs you will like. They may or may not be my favourite band right now.

So, that’s my top 5 likes and dislikes and day 3 of my blog challenge. That was really hard for me to think of things. I never really think that way. I just know if I like or dislike something in the heat of the moment not before or after. Or I do I just forget or not bother to remember.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post and I hope you have a wonderful day/night. Bye!!


7-day blog challenge – Day 1 – Behind my blogs name

So it’s the beginning of a new year and I guess I should start by saying happy new year! 2017! Woo!

2016 went by really fast it was crazy.

This is day 1 of my 7-day blog challenge that was made by yours truly (if you have no idea what I am talking about click here and after you have read that come back here)

Day 1 is to write about the meaning behind your blog’s name.

My blogs name (in case you didn’t already know) is unicornlife.

Let’s start with the beginning part – the unicorn bit. At the time of making this blog, I was a big fan of unicorns (I still am) and I knew that the name should probably represent me in some shape or form and what’s better than the thing I obsess over at the current time of making. Nowadays I have grown up a little and it would be something much more about platypus’ as I think they are awesome. More on them later. The first part of the name thought process was unicorn.

Then the life part. I was trying to think of something that would fit with the unicorn bit. I was brainstorming for ages. Things like unicornworld and unicornblog were the things that first came to mind when that was happening. However, in my head, they didn’t really fit and that annoyed me. I couldn’t live with a name that I didn’t like. After a while, my head started hurting like it normally does when I am faced with a problem I don’t know how to solve. So I went to sleep. When I woke up I tried again and at some point, I came up with unicornlife and for some reason I liked it. There it was perfect.

Now my memory is practically useless until it comes to song lyrics so I knew for a fact that I would have to put up a post on the day of making if I was ever to remember the date. But as a constant reminder of the year, I decided that I should put 2016 at the end. Then I only wanted it on the URL so that’s there.

There we have it. What went through my mind when I was making my blog’s name and day 1 done. This may not be so hard after all.

Please comment below with any feedback as I appreciate it all.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this post of mine and I hope you have a lovely day/night. Bye!!

p.s – Sorry for the short post. Hopefully, they will get a bit longer as this week goes on .


My 7 day blog challenge

For months and months, I have been wanting to do a 30/31-day blog challenge however, I have come to realise that at this stage in my life writing that many consecutive blog posts would be near impossible. I would be bound to miss a day and then if I did it in advance that would defeat the point of it. I tried to find something more attainable on the internet… like a 7-day blog challenge. I found some but I didn’t really like the look of them and I knew I would have a lot of trouble doing them in my time limit. Then I had a lightbulb moment. I thought that perhaps I should make one of my own and then I know I would be able to complete it. In the end, that’s what I did and here we are. I wrote them down so a) I could include a picture and b) I wouldn’t forget them (because knowing me I would forget them).

*disclaimer*- I have made this myself and if it is the same as any others then I did not mean to copy and it was completely unintentional.

Like I said I have been wanting to do this for a while but just haven’t had the time. This is one of my new year’s resolutions. To get this thing done in the first week of 2017. 2016 has been fun and all but towards the end of the year blog posts got less and less frequent and that really annoyed me. So, to start the new year off with (hopefully) good intentions I will post one post a day for 7 days.

I got this idea from people that I follow on Instagram. A couple of my friends have been doing 31-day photo challenges on there and I decided that I wanted to do something of the sort on my blog. However, I couldn’t just look up on the internet blog posts on a certain topic the way that you can with photos if you are too busy to do that day’s one. Unfortunately, I would be too busy to do anything on most days so ultimately the entire thing would be a big flop. I don’t want it to be a big flop.

My 7-day blog challenge is as follows:



For me, day 1 will start on January the 1st and it will end January the 7th so keep your eyes peeled for those ones.

Please go ahead and do this challenge: I want to see other people’s posts on this.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day/night. Bye!