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Top 5 Favourite Quotes

If you ask someone what their favourite quotes are you can learn a lot about them providing that they tell you. Also, quotes are beautiful things and I wish to share with you my top 5 favourite quotes. No reason, in particular, other than I am a big fan of a good quote. I could literally spend hours and hours just looking at quotes that I can find on the internet. Anyway enough rambling and onto the post. Continue reading

Top 5 random facts

Hi guys!

I was watching deleted scenes from Star Wars:The Force Awakens and I suddenly became inspired to do a top 5 random facts. Am I the only person who does that kinda thing? Probably.

So me being me I’ve looked up 5 random facts. This time the facts have questions. I put the questions there just in case I couldn’t make the fact make sense without the question if you get what I mean.

 Here are my top 5 random facts:

How fast is a lightning bolt?

An average lightning bolt moves at approximately 224,000 mph (3,700 miles per second). However, you see the light from lightning and that travels at the speed of light and the speed of light travels at about 670 million mph (186,000 miles per second).

How many different kinds of animals are there in the world?

At the moment scientists have named and classified over 1 and a half million animals. However, many scientists believe that there may be 2 million to 50 million different kinds of animals alive today.

Who has held their breath the longest?

Tom Sietas is a German free diver and in 2012 he held his breath underwater for 22 minutes and 22 seconds. The previous Guinness record was by a guy called Dane Stig Severinsen. He held his breath for 22 minutes.

What mammals can fly?

The only mammal that can fly is the bat. However, the “flying squirrel” and the gliding opossum can both glide for short distances.

Can camels swim in water?

Even though they are described as the “ship of the desert” because of their ability to walk in the very hot sand all day for long amounts of time without any food or drink they cannot swim in water. However, they can float.


They were my top 5 random facts. Hopefully you learnt something from this quick little post. I’m sorry it’s not as long as my other ones but I will hopefully be able to do another post sometime today for you.

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My Top 5 Favourite Foods

Hi guys!

Guess who has found enough time to blog twice in a night.

Not me I’m making time for this right now.

I feel sorry for you so I’ve decided to randomly add in a list of my favourite foods because I may help you discover the best food ever (if I do then whoopee).

I got given the idea to do this by chewing gum. That will make sense in a minute.

So here are my top 5 favourite foods:

  1. Screwballs – these sound weird but taste delicious. They are ice cream with raspberry sauce veins inside them and they are in the shape of a unicorn horn. At the bottom of it (where the pointy bit of the unicorn horn is) is a little piece of chewing gum (I’m chewing that right now) which is just a nice little extra and it makes the dessert last a lot longer.
  2. Chocolate strawberries – I had to add them in they are just soooo yummy. The chocolate I’m using at the moment is my Easter egg chocolate (yes I do still have some left over). Even if I don’t have any strawberries I still melt the chocolate because I find it tastes a whole lot better.
  3. Super noodles – My all time favourite snack is super noodles. I prefer the chicken flavour even though I don’t particularly like chicken. I went through I phase of eating this every lunch time which probably isn’t good for you but it tastes really good. They are really quick and easy to cook and I could probably cook them with my eyes closed. However you shouldn’t try that because there is boiling water involved and that is very dangerous to be playing with even if you have your eyes open. I have also found that it is very filling and good for people who need a quick meal.
  4. Mug shots – particularly the tomato and herb one. This is even quicker than the super noodles (I think) and could be made at work. It is basically pasta and sauce made in a mug. They come in loads of different flavours and are also quite filling. They also require less washing up because you are only using a mug and a spoon. Talking about all this food is making me hungry and I can now not wait for breakfast.
  5.  Pink Panther biscuits – My favourite type of biscuit for sure. It’s full of wafer and this weird tasty pink stuff and other things. I could go through a packet in under 5 minutes unless I have just eaten loads and could not possibly eat any more. I don’t look at what is in them because I’m way too busy eating them. If you hadn’t already guessed they are completely pink and I love them with all my heart. Well 90% the other 10% is for other food and people.

I did mostly packaged food because I found that easier to write more about however I will do another favourite foods but without the descriptions.

I only did 5 because I need sleep. For some reason I decided to tell my mum that I would walk the dog at half six in the morning tomorrow so I need all the sleep I can get.

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